Short Hiatus

I’m taking a little blogging break for a multitude of reasons:

a) I’m going to Chicago this weekend for a whirlwind trip to celebrate the niece in my SIL Heidi’s belly…baby shower time Saturday afternoon!

b) There are things to do before I leave, like:
1) Laundry
2) Food prep
3) Sleep, hopefully, at some point

c) Thank goodness you can’t actually see into my house…it’s a hot mess. And that needs to be remedied.

d) I have plants that need to get in the ground. But first, I have to dig the boulders out of the dirt that currently reside there, so that the plants have a fair chance of growing.

e) I’m working my 2nd 5-hour concession stand shift of the week tomorrow night. The things I’ll do for my boys (when they play baseball in the league they’re in, parents have to work one shift per kid or pay $200 a kid to get out of it…no thanks).

f) The boys need clean sheets on their beds. Which includes the bunk beds. Which I’m cursing the purchase of because of the difficulty of changing the sheets.

g) I’m trying to find spare moments to create etsy listings, and it’s not happening.

h) I also have 2 books to read.

So, I’ll be back. Next week sometime, probably. Don’t give up on me 🙂

6 responses to “Short Hiatus

  1. This post made me tired….. 🙂
    Enjoy your time at the baby shower and good luck with all your to-do’s!

  2. I, too, curse our bunk beds every time I wash those sheets. It’s horrible. I often tell Kirk I wish I could hire someone to come every other week just to make the beds and maybe clean the bathrooms 🙂

    Have a great time this weekend!

  3. If my kids had had bunk beds, the sheets might have gotten changed seasonally at best (oh, wait–that’s about as good as I did anyway). 😦

    I’m so thrilled to see quite a few of the perennials I planted last year actually come back this spring! A few have to be replaced; not sure if I’ll try the same as what croaked or something different. Still need something super-simple out around the new shed–like hosta maybe.

    I have the most enormous list of things to remember to take for the shower! I can’t wait; I think it will be so fun to get things ready & then to see everybody at the shower and see all the fun baby stuff!

    If the boys’ ballgames are rained out, do they usually reschedule? (I’m wondering if you just luck out if you’re signed up to work concessions on a rain-out! 🙂 )

    • They don’t actually play on the nights I work, thankfully. So I’m not missing their games by working. If it starts raining AFTER I’m there to work, I don’t have to go back, but if it’s rained out before my time slot, I do have to go back. Pray for rain about 6pm tomorrow night 🙂

  4. Funny! As you may have noticed, I’m less frequent too! Things to do, things to do!

  5. I loathe changing sheets on bunk beds. It’s the worst!

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