You Take the Good, You Take the Bad…

…sing it!!

Easing back into a more-normal week with a list post.

The Bad:

1. My first awake moments of the day occurred at 3am, when my oldest had a bloody nose (he had one on Friday night, too, when I was in Chicago). This always happens during allergy season with him, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. Luckily, it no longer freaks him out, and this wasn’t a bad one, but still caused a 30 minute disruption to our sleep and created a lot of laundry. Goody.

2. The van was nearly running on fumes this morning.

3. And then I spent $70 (as in SEVENTY) to fill it up. $70.

4. Jack Henry had a 9am dentist appointment…they called us back to his exam at 9:38. How does one get so behind by 9am? And I love our dentist’s office, so I’m not horribly upset, but really?

5. I found out that I need a mouth guard for nighttime, as I’ve apparently started grinding my teeth and one front tooth is starting to flatten. This is no good. Do you know how much my parents spent on making my teeth look like this? I don’t either, but it wasn’t cheap, so letting them grind away to nothingness is not gonna happen, even if I have to look like a hockey player at bedtime.

6. several other small annoyances.

The Good:

1. My teeth are worth saving.

2. You would not believe the excitement level that a new toothbrush and toothpaste bring a 3-year-old. I smile just thinking about his reaction!

3. We have 2 tubs of cookie dough in the freezer from a school fundraiser. Don’t mind me, over here in the corner eating it straight from the tub.

4. My boys all smiled in their sleep when I came home late on Saturday night and kissed them goodnight.

5. Bennett’s writing…oh my goodness, every day I cannot wait to see what he brings home. Here’s the one from today:

My Mom went to Chicago for a baby shower. While my Mom was at Chicago me my brothers and my Dad were at... house. We went outside to play. My Dad cut a big branch me and my brother held a ladder. Now my garage looks like a jungle.

The garage looks like a jungle because the large branch that was removed is in a Lowe’s lawn bag (as pictured on page 1) waiting for yard-waste pickup day.

6. Cobb salads.

7. We are going to buy new front and back doors, like maybe tonight! Yay for being an old person who gets excited about home improvement.

8. I am adding some great 90’s music to my iPod, and it is taking me back. I love when songs play like a soundtrack to years gone by (and in the words of my friend Joe: “Dear students, in 10 yrs the music you’re listening to now will be the soundtrack for your memories. Don’t let it be Gaga.”). For me there’s a lot of Matchbox Twenty, Oasis, Goo Goo Dolls, Garth Brooks, Real McCoy (haha!) and more, but NOTHING makes me think of Matt’s and my dating+college years like “Wonderwall”.

Your turn: what’s your good and bad of the day?

9 responses to “You Take the Good, You Take the Bad…

  1. My good for today is that the top floor of the house is actually free of boxes! I even have things on the walls…I think people might live here. YAY!

  2. I’m still a little brain/body foggy today, so I’m not thinking very hard. My best of the day was NOT getting called to sub today, allowing me to sleep in (& I mean WAY in)! My bad of the day was burning–black–the grilled ham & cheese sandwiches I made for our lunch. Fortunately, it was the 1st side, so I could salvage the other side & the innards!

    Bennett’s story–great!! Love the Lowe’s bag w/ branches and particularly love his word “grog”!!

  3. The Good – I survived another Monday at work
    The Bad – I have the Facts of Life Theme song stuck in my head now, I am afraid permanently.

  4. I grind my teeth too. I used to be really good at wearing the $100 night guard from the dentist. I lost it during our move 7 1/2 years ago. I bought one at Wal-mart that you boil and somehow form yourself. The sad thing is—7 1/2 years later its still in the box above my stove. The dentist hasn’t said anything again, so maybe I don’t do it anymore?

  5. Bennett’s story – awesome! Had to laugh at the Dad cot a big bra-…I totally only read bra 🙂

  6. We did best/worst at dinner tonight and my best was notching things off my to do list. Worst was the weather. Seriously. And I love that kindergarten writing! I get alot of that in my hows.

  7. good: inspection report came back great on the house with only a request for the left over paint to be left behind and to change an electrical plug to a GFCI plug, easy.

    bad: We are still waiting to hear from Denver to see if the job is even going to work. Hoping to hear soon:)

  8. Love the writing. Terrific job Bennett!!
    Good – Korryna was screened and excelled at 3-4 yr old level!
    Bad – she may have a UTI and peed a tiny bit once today cause it just hurts so bad 😦

  9. …you take em both and there you have the facts of life….the facts of life.
    – Thank you for clearing up that your boys cutting down branches and not bras from your tree. hehe.
    – I’m a teeth grinder too. The mouthguard I have is small and clear. I can’t really talk with it in but at least it doesn’t require a head strap. It’s called an NTI.
    – I also filled up this morning for $70 and nearly peed myself. I probably would have but I was already soaked from bringing Syddie into daycare during a monsoon.

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