Etsy Shop, Part 1

If you told me, even a year ago, that I would be opening an etsy shop, I would have laughed at you. Hard. I hadn’t made anything in years, except babies and food. And you can’t really sell either of those on etsy.

When we moved into this house, my love for spray paint began. I’ve spray painted a LOT of stuff that we have sitting around here. In fact, we’re getting ready to spray paint all of our shutters, as replacing them was a huge expense we decided we didn’t want to take on.

Late last summer, I was looking online for a DIY advent calendar, as the one I wanted from Pottery Barn was just plain out of my price range (click here to see the original, and another blogger/crafter’s DIY interpretation). I found a different one that I liked that involved folding your own envelopes, and I remember emailing Kelli and saying something like, “If I can find small envelopes and then decorate them myself, this could work!” I gathered supplies from online and Hobby Lobby, and got to work, and really loved my finished product.

From there, I bought a Silhouette, and then other ideas in my head just took off…I found ideas for making fabric flowers, and tweaked them to work for me, and the idea of baby headbands was born. Which is just so funny to me, that, as a mom of boys, I’m spending my free time making headbands. And opening an etsy shop full of them and other girly things.

(Many thanks to the ladies at Fresh Art Photography for using a couple of my headbands and letting me use their gorgeous pictures in my shop!)

I’ve also made covered clothespins (great for chip clips or, because they are magnetic, using them on the side of your fridge to hold pictures) and a letter decoration for a baby or kid’s room. And coming this fall: Advent calendars.

It’s taken a while, but most of the listings are up (several more clothespins and a few more flowered headbands on the way very soon), and the shop is open for business! And me? I’m nervous…it’s weird to make things and then put them out there for other people to buy (or, um, not). While I’m generally a fairly confident person, putting myself out there like this definitely feels uncomfortable. But, it’s been fun, and I’ve made some things to give as baby gifts, which makes it worth it!

But speaking of the shop, and one of the things I love the most about it, check out my logo! The amazing, talented Sara Luke designed that for me. I didn’t give her much to go on, and she came up with that. Many, many thanks, Sara!

Feel free, of course, to share the link with friends, or to post my button to the sidebar of your blog (if you have wordpress, I can even help you through the steps of adding this widget now that I’ve done it)!

Come back tomorrow for a little bit more about the shop, and why I’m donating a portion of my sales to Compassion International.

10 responses to “Etsy Shop, Part 1

  1. Very, very, very exciting!!! Your shop looks great!

  2. Love it! Congratulations!

  3. Really cute stuff, Nicole! Congratulations! šŸ™‚

  4. So great Nicole!!! Looks awesome! Well done mama.

  5. Congrats & good luck! So cute!! It’s kind of like we’re switching places. LOL!

  6. great job! i wish i had a girl to put one of those cute headbands on. i hope to someday see that cute guest bedroom art for sale on your site.
    send me info on how to add the widget to my site.

  7. Oh Nicole this made me want to spend money! Love the letters for kids’ rooms.

  8. Too cute! Walk me through it and I’ll post your button on my blog. šŸ˜€

  9. and FYI, I am a lucky recipient of her headbands šŸ™‚ and they are CUTE CUTE CUTE!

  10. Great Work!!! Very cute stuff!!! What lucky nieces you have šŸ˜‰

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