Etsy Shop, Part 2

First of all, a bit of business: if you’re local and can pick up a purchase from etsy, don’t pay shipping! I can apparently create some free shipping codes, or I could refund the shipping portion of your cost via Paypal. Just FYI.

Ok, so yesterday last week we covered how I got started with this whole etsy shop idea. Today I’m going to just go into a bit of detail regarding why I’ve chosen to donate a portion, and what the cause is, just so you all know, too!

While doing some prep for our small group Bible study last fall, I sat on the deck reading commentary on the book of Romans. I was outside not only because it was a beautiful, crisp autumn afternoon, but also because it was the only place I could get some quiet to do my reading :). And I came across this phrase: “the privilege of geography.” And it hit me like a ton of bricks. My geographical location is a PRIVILEGE. Not just a nice, safe, comfortable home in suburbia, but in a city/state/country/region of the world where I should have almost no worries. My needs are always taken care of, as are my children’s.

I never worry about having enough to feed my kids. I never worry about getting them the medical care they need. Fresh water? We waste more daily than many mothers will probably ever have a chance to offer their children. The boys are getting an excellent education for the cost of tax dollars. They have more clothes than they could ever wear. The stuff I DO worry about maybe isn’t even worth really worrying in the scheme of things. All because of our privileged location.

Now, I don’t know why I was chosen to be born here, and why the mothers of millions of children worldwide were chosen instead to live in conditions worse than I can ever fathom. But I do know this: I feel a real sense of responsibility. Different than before. Because where I live is a privilege.

You know I love the work of Compassion International, and I love sponsoring 2 little boys, Jeremy and Joangel, in the Dominican Republic. After doing a little bit of reading, I decided to donate 15% of all of my sales to a special area of Compassion called the Child Survival Program. At age 5, children can be enrolled in Compassion’s sponsorship program. However, there are many that need help way before that, and the Child Survival Program provides that support through:

Prenatal care
Access to assisted births
Health screening
Nutritious food and supplements
The loving embrace of a Christ-centered church

Just yesterday, the Compassion blog posted a story from a mom whose life has been touched by the Child Survival Program. Hearing firsthand from someone who benefits from donations like these is the best witness, to me, of a worthy cause.

So, there you have it. I’m starting small, obviously, as I figure out this whole running-a-shop thing, but I hope to increase the donation soon.

Like the shop on Facebook…or go straight to the shop. And of course, share the links with friends!

One response to “Etsy Shop, Part 2

  1. What a generous thing to do! I love how you find ways to really live what you believe–and how you & Matt look for ways to teach the boys about giving/service.

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