Oh, to Have the Memory of a Child

Granted, he’s seen this movie more than a few times since its release last summer. But still…it’s not like he watches this daily or even weekly. And it’s been a while since he’s seen it at all!

So last week, when Jack Henry started rattling off this scene from Toy Story 3, I about died laughing. And then did what any good mother would do: grabbed my camera. Or in this case, my phone, which takes pretty decent video.

Jack Henry’s transcript (he’s doing the lines of a couple of different characters):
“We all knew Operation Playtime was an longshot (like this one). But we all said this job wasn’t about getting played with, it’s about being there for Andy. We know. But we can try again right? I’m callin’ it guys, we’re closin’ up shop. Wha?? That was our last shot!”

It’s actually pretty close to the real thing!

5 responses to “Oh, to Have the Memory of a Child

  1. Oh I love how he’s kind of embarassed at the beginning!
    That was Really Good! Remembering that many lines is impressive!

  2. I’m impressed no end! 🙂 He looks so much older than 3 1/2 here!

  3. i agree–he looks so much older here! and, uh, i’m pretty much floored at this. um, is he some child prodigy or something?!?

  4. Hysterical! I haven’t even seen that movie all the way through yet!

  5. IMPRESSIVE! I love how he asked to see it again at the end. Can’t get enough. 🙂

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