So Wrong.

Luke opened a piece of Easter candy and yelled out, “There is a Santa on this chocolate!”

I kinda rolled my eyes and thought he was just looking at it wrong or something.

But no, he was right. There WAS a Santa on his chocolate. Inside an Easter wrapper.

That ain’t right.

18 responses to “So Wrong.

  1. oh my word! Someone forgot to change the chocolate mold! Pretty sure he’s been fired..

  2. This is hilarious! How funny that he even paused to notice it was Santa!

  3. hilarious!!

  4. I was thinking the same thing as Jo. Amazing that it passed his eyes before hitting his mouth. 🙂

  5. I’m with Jo. Personally, I would’ve just inhaled it without looking at it.

  6. THAT is SO funny! Kinda think you should submit that to Ellen. She’d totally talk about that on her show! 🙂

  7. Holy cow. That is hilarious! And, I vote to send this to Ellen too! That would be pretty funny if it ended up on the show!

  8. Too funny!!! Agree – send to Ellen!

  9. Too funny! I’d write to the company w/pictures!

  10. That’s awesome. 🙂

  11. My question is. . . was this an error. . . or was there not enough demands for santa at Christmas. . . so they repackaged them? I wouldn’t think the latter. . but who knows in this tough economy? 😉

  12. Surprise! How funny. Thanks for taking a picture to share!

  13. I suppose you should be glad it wasn’t Halloween candy?

  14. you know that someone was mad about having to pull overtime on the weekend and was like, “i’ll show them.”

    and i agree…you need to send to ellen.

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