Choosing Joy.

When everyone on Facebook starting posting pictures of them with their moms, I was not excited. I mean, I’m truly happy for those friends and family who still have their moms here; it just felt like a bit of salt in the wound to see all of the fun pictures. But, those things happen, and I got over it.

And then suddenly, I remembered this old picture of my mom and me, taken in 1984, that I love.

Isn’t it totally Bennett with long hair? Crazy!

This weekend, I’m celebrating the 30 wonderful Mother’s Days I had with my own mom, and choosing not to think about the last one she was here, which was painful. I’m enjoying my boys and their antics, and their dad, and his antics, too. Our weekend will be filled with baseball games, birthday parties, playing games together, grilling out, and just enjoying each others’ company. Because I want my boys to grow up remembering that Mother’s Day is a celebration, and not a day that I’m mourning what I’m missing, even though that’s a part of it, too.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there daily doing the hard work that is demanded of you, with little thanks much of the time. What you’re doing is worth the effort!

For a beautiful post from a daughter who has also lost her mother too soon, click over to Everyday Epistle, where my friend Aimee writes so eloquently.

7 responses to “Choosing Joy.

  1. what a great picture of the two of you!

  2. I’m touched that you linked to everyday epistle for the Mother’s Day post, Nicole. Thank you. I hate being a motherless daughter, but I find I am in good company. This is a sisterhood of strong and incredible women. Helps me remember I am not alone. Neither are you. Enjoy your boys this weekend. Happy Mother’s Day, my friend.

  3. Loved the picture on FB; loved it again here–really is just such a sweet photo of you & your mom! I went over to Aimee’s “Orchids & Stars” post you linked to–how cute & touching!

    It sounds like you’re having a busy & very fun Mother’s Day wkend–nothing would make your mom happier or prouder!

  4. Nicole, I’ve thought more and more about you losing your mom lately with each “occasion” that passes. I try to picture my reaction in the situation and simply don’t think I’d handle it well. I’d be much more likely to choose “bitter” over “sweet.” Kind of like Valentine’s Day with no valentine. Then I look at you – and I look at your boys and think about how very alive your mother is in all of you. And then I think – how can you not choose joy? You inspire me. Love you.

  5. Seriously, I can’t get over how much Bennett looks like you in that picture–that’s so cute! 🙂 Sounds like a great weekend–hope you enjoyed every moment!

  6. Hope you had a great mothers day weekend. Love the picture!!

  7. A beautiful picture. You are a credit to her, Nicole.

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