April, aka The Month with No Margin

Our April weekends were absolutely PACKED. Totally fun, but totally busy. Add the beginning of baseball practice and my decision to go ahead and open the etsy shop to the month, and we were living, as I said in the title, completely without margin…breathlessly running from one event to the next. Though we’re still really busy, May doesn’t look quite like April did, which is a good thing.

Here’s a recap. With pictures to break up all of the wordiness.

FIRST WEEKEND: We kicked April off with a visit from Matt’s sister, Heidi, and her husband Jeff. We had a full Saturday which consisted of a trip to Castlewood Park (I’m beginning to be fascinated by that area’s history), a trip to the Botanical Gardens, dinner at Zia’s on The Hill, and Ted Drewes custard, where Matt’s parents joined us for dessert and then came back home with all of us.

heidi, jeff, and our boys on the banks of the meramec river...3 weeks later, it was so flooded that half the park was closed.

teaching the boys to skip rocks! surprisingly, no one got hit in the head.

@the botanical gardens

aren't those trees pretty much the most amazing thing ever?

parents-to-be...we can't WAIT to meet this baby girl!

jeff joked in an email that it was either st. louis or the bahamas for their babymoon, and that st. louis won! so i decorated their room appropriately.

SECOND WEEKEND: Luke and Bennett participated in the Read, Right and Run marathon at Forest Park with several thousand other area elementary students. Over the course of the school year they read 26 books, did 26 good deeds, and ran 25 miles, completing the final 1.2 miles as a part of the Go! St. Louis Marathon events. They both did really well, but Luke, especially, is quite the runner! Shocking, as I despise it and his dad hasn’t run on purpose for years (though, truthfully, he was a good runner). Matt left immediately after the run for a bridge tourney in Effingham with his dad, so I was solo with the boys the rest of the weekend.

why we don't go to forest park more often is beyond me. so beautiful.

luke said he ran the whole thing!

i was so proud of bennett...he finished a little behind luke. i worried that he might be scared running it himself but he did great!

THIRD WEEKEND: Heidi’s baby shower in Chicago! Super fun weekend, but a whirlwind – I was gone from 3:30pm Friday – 12:30am Sunday. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, though!

diehl girls! both andrea and heidi are expecting!

FOURTH WEEKEND: To Effingham to celebrate Easter with the family!

squinty family picture

FIFTH WEEKEND: College roommate reunion in conjunction with the 10k that was a part of the Illinois Marathon in Champaign-Urbana. Karen and I crashed at Kim’s (and family’s) beautiful home in Champaign on Friday night, where we ate pre-race Monical’s Pizza (doesn’t everyone?) and reminisced and laughed. On Saturday morning, Karen ran; Kim and I walked. It was great, and 6.4 miles didn’t seem that far when walking with a friend! I could do without this horrible lingering pain in the arch of my right foot (I’ve already self-ruled out plantar fasciitis, per WebMD, knower of all medical things), but I can’t wait to do it again next year, and preferably with some actual training beforehand.

Things to know: we had a faux sorority that I’m fuzzy on the details about (when it started/how/why), which explains the tees I made for the race. We spent Saturday afternoon on campus checking out some of our old haunts. It was just so much fun.

10k - done! 🙂

ISR...where we met! we lived there 2 years and had so many great times. also, we perfected our stalking skills in these res halls, and ate a lot of contraband cinnamon spread.

During those 5 weekends we also squeezed in a friend birthday party for Bennett, small group most Sunday nights, an art fair, a performance of “The Three Piggy Opera” by Bennett’s class at school, a family night at church, etc, etc…

6 responses to “April, aka The Month with No Margin

  1. cinnamon spread! Cracking up!

  2. With the boys being the ages they are, your family life is going to look a lot like this month for the next, um, 15 years–give or take a few slumps along the way! Memories, memories, memories!!

  3. Just a month in the life of a SuperMom! You are the most talented Mom I know. And still look together and gorgeous every day! Love the fact that Bennett completed the run without Big Brother. Drop throw Matt under the bus too much – I’m not sure I’ve ever ran on purpose 🙂

  4. Sounds verrrry familiar. Love cute, preggo Heidi; impressed with the boys running; love the colorful Easter pix!

  5. holy busy!!! wow, i’m tired just thinking of all that planning! but i am super happy i got to hang out 2 of the weekends with you 🙂 i think someone deserves a massage now! 🙂

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