Summer’s Coming! Send Reinforcements.

I’d be lying if I said that the kids’ impending summer break didn’t strike just the tiniest bit of fear in me. And it’s not what you think: I LOVE having them home over break. In fact, I’ve scheduled next-to-nothing (at this report, only VBS one week) for them to do, and it’s fine with me.

The fear comes in the transition: changing schedules is hard on everyone for the first several days. But, I’m hoping that a little prep and forewarning will ease us right into summer.

Last year, I made chore charts modeled after those that Jill made. They really worked great for the summer, and the boys did very little complaining about what they needed to do. I’m going to rework them a bit for this summer, and also make them be sustainable for into the school year, as I totally slacked on daily, organized chores after school started (instead, I assigned them as needed, and at least around here, that doesn’t go over quite as well). Plus, next year they get home even earlier from school as our day is going to start earlier, which gives us a little more afternoon time to get things accomplished.

The “forewarning” mentioned above is what my homework/reading expectation is going to be for the summer. The reading won’t be a problem – they love to read, and love to participate in the library’s summer reading program. But, I am going to put together something to work on math, grammar, and spelling – I’m talking like 10-15 minutes a day. Nana Jo has always been good about buying the boys workbooks that are age-appropriate, so I’ve been going through them to get rid of the ones that have been completed, and pulling out pages to use for each kid as needed.

Because our district is using a math curriculum that I have some issues with (Investigations), primarily that it doesn’t teach good, old-fashioned addition with carrying, and subtraction with borrowing, without turning it into a big, complicated mess, we’ll be working on that.

The boys’ #1 concern in the morning is that they get to watch Quick Pitch on the MLB network to get all of the baseball recaps. Fortunately, it plays on a loop everyday throughout the morning, so between doing a few chores, a little schoolwork, some reading and watching that, we’ll be at mid-morning every day. Which leaves the rest of the day open to play outside, go to parks, and visit the neighborhood pool.

I can’t wait.

3 responses to “Summer’s Coming! Send Reinforcements.

  1. You’re so much more on top of these things than I am. Time is ticking louder each day – I’ll have to rework my chore charts soon too. Thanks for the ping-back! 🙂

  2. Nicole, you are a teacher’s dream! Reading AND homework for the boys over the summer!!! Go you!

  3. Dude – what are you afraid of? You’ve got it SO figured out! And the Easter bunny put workbooks for “the student entering X grade” in each of my kids’ baskets, so a daily worksheet is on my plan too!

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