Guess the Baby!

I looked back a little bit, and I don’t think I’ve played this game on here before. If I have, it’s been a while. Play along!

In the basement pictures/albums clean out, I found some old professional pictures of the boys, plus a few snapshots, that I have to share.

In the comments, leave the answers as to who you think each one is!

Luke, at my parents' house, looking quite chubby!


jack henry! the only one of him on here because his baby pictures are so distinct compared to the other 2 - his hair is a giveaway every time!


baby bennett


sweet toddler bennett!


awww...luke duke. right before his first bath. he did NOT want to get undressed.


luke and papa talking about some important stuff.



bennett, of course! this one is a gimme!

6 responses to “Guess the Baby!

  1. 1. Luke
    2. Jack
    4. Bennett
    5. Oh good heavens! Is that Jack?
    6. Luke
    7. Bennett

  2. I don’t know #5!!!!! Yikes!!!!

  3. Luke

    Just a guess on a few.

  4. 1. Luke
    2. Jack
    3. Luke is my first guess but the more I look, I’m thinking Bennett
    4. Bennett
    5. Bennett
    6. Luke
    7. Bennett

  5. 1. Luke
    2. Jack
    3. Bennett
    4. Bennett
    5. Luke
    6. Jack
    7. Bennett

  6. 1 Jack
    2 Luke
    3 Bennett
    4 Bennett
    5 Luke
    6 Jack
    7 Bennett
    Heck, I don’t know! But it’s a fun game!

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