In Real Life

Today, I got to do something I’ve only done once before…meet an online friend in real life (I got to meet Sara a couple of summers ago, which was really fun, but sadly, I don’t think we took pictures!).

Laurie was in town for the college graduations of girls she babysat as a teenager, so I jumped at the chance to get to meet her face-to-face! Jack Henry and I drove downtown to meet her for breakfast, and I’m just sad that it’s already over. I’m pretty sure we could be BFFs if we lived closer together.

We first met here on my blog…I had posted a Works for Me Wednesday tip that she commented on (thanks to WordPress for making the comments so easy to search so that I could find that information!), and I immediately started reading her blog after that, as her 3 youngest boys are the same ages as mine (she has another son who is 2 years older than Luke). After a while we realized that my friend Melissa here in STL knows her friends in Park City, so we had a connection there, too! And in another very small world connection, after I posted on FB that I’d met Laurie today, my friend Kelly here in STL commented that SHE knew her, too, from college!

Jack Henry took our picture after we had breakfast, and this is the best he got, with us squatting down so as not to appear giant-sized in the picture taken from his angle…I hope that the stranger who took a picture of us with her camera at Bread Co got a better one than this! And yes, I have a fever blister. Lovely.

Laurie was just as lovely and gracious and sweet and funny as she seems on her blog. I’m wishing right now that Utah wasn’t so far away, but hopeful that we’ll someday get to visit in person again.

6 responses to “In Real Life

  1. awww…very cool.

  2. Yes, we must meet again when you bring that awesome family to Utah. I promise to show you a good time!

    I look like a Chinese woman in that picture. I think the late night out with the girls was definitely showing on my face that morning.

    Thanks for your kind words and for coming to meet me. I’m certain we’d be BFF’s if we did live close…. but we’ll just have to be BFF’s across the miles 😉

  3. Beyond cool!

  4. This is one of the neatest things, Nicole. I hope I get to do this one day. Reminds me of when people used to have pen pals and finally get to meet them after years of writing to one another. It’s a small world after all, and social media puts an exclamation point on that!

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