Just Some Stuff.

1. Jack Henry learned how to tattle this weekend, and since the first time, which was, “Mama, Wuke is doing some-fing weally, weally bad!” while at Bennett’s game, he’s tried it again a couple of times. For the record, it wasn’t exactly “weally, weally bad” but he was going into the woods, which he’s not supposed to do. So here we go with the whole “tattling isn’t ok, but letting me know when something is really wrong is” speech, which 3-year-olds just flat-out do.not.get. Nevermind, getting your siblings in trouble is fun.

2. I realized on Sunday, as I leaned into the counter in the bathroom to inspect a wrinkle on my face in the mirror and got my pants all wet because somehow, when children wash their hands, water goes everywhere but the sink, that this will be one of those things that people say I’ll miss in a few years. Yes, I’ll miss having little ones in the house, but I really can’t see myself missing wet pants on the way out the door to church.

3. The pictures and video from Joplin is just horrifying. I can’t even wrap my brain around that kind of destruction, even though St. Louis just went through a bad tornado. 116 lives lost is just mind-boggling. It appears that Convoy of Hope and the American Red Cross are good organizations to donate through if you’d like to help.

4. We went hiking yesterday at Castlewood and had a great time! Jack Henry hiked the whole way until the last 15 minutes or so, until he (and Bennett) started to wear out and whine. Here are a few snapshots.

ready to hike!

i love love love this picture! the meramec looks especially gross right now, but whatever. still cool to see the river like this.

this freaked matt out even more than it did me! very cool views from this bluff, though.

jh wanted to join them, but it was just too scary.

5. It’s summer haircut time for the 2 older boys…which is going to get its own post.

6. Cute teacher gifts! Cups available in multiple colors at Joann Fabric (plus, you can use a 40% off coupon, making them about $3.50), Crystal Lite wherever you shop (I found Crystal Lite Pure at Walmart for $2.00 a box). Download tag here.


12 responses to “Just Some Stuff.

  1. My kids love sitting on the bluffs at Castlewood but it makes me such a nervous wreck I can’t even stand there and watch. I make Lee go and I walk a little ways up the hill and wait for them to be done, all the while seeing one of them plummeting over the side in my overactive mind.

    Good for you for being brave and snapping a picture even! πŸ™‚

  2. Amen about Joplin. Un real.

    So agree about the wet pants! I usually don’t get a thing on my everyday gear, but when I try to gussy up? Fuggetaboutit.

    Great pictures of the hike. Adorable!!

    LOVE the teacher’s gifts! Lovethem! So creative. Well done mama.

    Love to you friend.

  3. 1. Can I just say ditto on the sink thing. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s just the kids at fault. I find myself wiping the sink coming and going. I can relate to that wet spot walking out of the door.
    2. You have to love a pic with your 4 men in it.
    3. The cups = another awesomely creative project by Nicole!

  4. I hear you on the tattling – it’s in full swing over here these days. As are wet sink counters. Good times!
    I basically have a heart attack every time we hike at Castlewood thanks to those bluffs. I’ve spent hours sitting out on them myself, but I’m pretty sure they’ve gotten much smaller and more dangerous in the last few years… Also, I love that last picture on the log.

  5. I had a roommate in college who used to leave water all over the vanity and I used to know that wet spot very well. She still often has a wet sink these days when I visit her! If you’d like, I’d be happy to send her your way once the boys are all grown! πŸ˜‰

  6. We’re considering the “summer haircut” for our guy too. Do post the pictures when the shearing is finished…

  7. I love that picture of Matt and the boys overlooking the river. Adorable!

  8. Ok, the teacher gifts? So cute! I love seeing everyone’s ideas. The tattle-taling…ugh. Yeah. I’m still trying to get that into my almost six-year-old’s head. He has a cow whenever ANYONE is not following the rules. He just can’t stand it. I know this is lame because I’ve lived here off and on for oh….approaching 20 years…but I didn’t know you could hike Castlewood. Seriously girls, why doesn’t anyone tell me these things!? He he he he heh…now I can’t wait to take the boys!

  9. Regarding tattling……..with our (now) grown children, who wanted to come and tattle, before we’d let them make their revelation, we’d always ask, “Are you being a responsible citizen or a tattle tale?” That cut down on the tattling by about 70%. And also reinforced the concept of being a “responsible citizen”.

  10. I can totally relate to the ring around the pants from the sink. I wish I could say it is the work of young boys but it’s actually the 40+ year old men here at work. They never grow up.
    I made those teacher gifts a couple of weeks ago for Teacher Appreciation Week at daycare. They LOVED them. God Bless Pinterest!

  11. my friend erika lost her house in joplin but luckily she, her husband, daughter and pets are all okay.

  12. I just love that JH is doing all the things the big boys do–but isn’t QUITE as brave or doesn’t have quite the stamina! Great pix–the bluff would make me nervous too!

    I think I make a horrible water mess at any bathroom sink–BUT I always wipe it up. πŸ™‚ Boys–little or big–not on their radar screen. 😦

    Joplin–so grateful that a teacher friend’s daughters & her family were in E’ham over the wkend; they are from Joplin. I haven’t heard if they lost everything, but at least they were here at the time. Just impossible to comprehend the loss.

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