Summer Haircuts, Before and After

Luke has been talking for months about wanting his hair cut as short as his dad’s. Which means no guard on the clippers, shaved to his head. Which I just couldn’t bring myself to do, because that’s bald.

I did, however, agree to very, very short haircuts as soon as school is out. And I decided that last night was close enough, primarily because I actually had time to get them done.

The gallery of pics will tell the rest of the story.

6 responses to “Summer Haircuts, Before and After

  1. Hilarious how they beg for this “event”! They are ready for sweatin’ weather!! “Jack’s after”–:)

  2. With the blondeness, Luke almost looks bald – Mini Matt accomplished! Nice after shot JH!!

  3. JH cracks me up!

  4. Oh man! JH is a crack up! And I love me some buzz-cut kids!

  5. This is too cute! I love your captions, especially for sweetie JH. Thanks for posting the pictures. Now we are so getting Theo’s haircut like this…

  6. I love to rub the head of a buzz cut little boy. When I was little my sister and I both liked doing that and we drove our brother crazy all summer. 😉

    Your boys always crack me up but that last pic of JH really made me LOL. 😀

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