Summer 2011 To-Do List

I’ll post these so you can encourage me along the way, or mock me at the end of summer when I’ve accomplished nothing except spending hours with my kids at the pool and shuttling them to and from the library (which will not be a disappointment, but without a list, nothing else will likely get done).

1. Read at least 6 books, 2 of which are not novels. I’m planning to read Crazy Love (which I started 18 months ago and didn’t finish, so I’m starting it over) and Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys. I just finally started reading The Pioneer Woman’s Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, and even though I read the first part of it online, it’s still so entertaining.

2. Paint the laundry room walls and cabinets. Change out light fixture (this could possibly be a DIY/spray paint project if I find something worth my time).

3. Add Advent calendars to etsy shop.

4. Take the kids to 2 new (to them) St. Louis places: Citygarden and The City Museum.

5. Complete wall art (subway-style featuring words to one of my favorite songs) + mystery project to go with this, which I can’t talk about because Matt reads my blog.

6. Complete another mystery project.

7. Paint playroom chandy.

8. Decorate our entryway on the cheap…I always see incredible furniture and mirrors that have been painted a funky color, and I want to do this so badly.

9. Huge undertaking: spray painting the shutters. We have 16. 810 of them are located very high. This is Matt’s idea, for the record. If we didn’t have to mess with taking them down/scrubbing them/putting them back up, I’d be all over it. But, since we definitely want to change the color as they are currently hideous, this is what needs to happen. But I know that I will be SO happy when we get it finished, and that they’ll look so much nicer with our new front door, arriving next week!

10. Find an old, sturdy, 3-drawer filing cabinet, and do this or something similar to it. (This is very, very low on the list, but if I happen upon a filing cabinet, it’s mine!)

11. New front and back doors installed today, which means that I have approximately 10 items, not exaggerating, that need to be done in regards to this project, like staining and painting and finding new house numbers, etc.

OK, so realistically, this will take me 2 years. But wish me luck…

11 responses to “Summer 2011 To-Do List

  1. First of all, impressed with Matt for reading your blog. Guess that’s his way of keeping up 🙂 Your list (not knowing the mystery projects) is so do-able! Not to mention throwing in ballgames, vaca, and life. Anxious to see how the city museum is – I hear good things. Wish I could read at the beach this summer. I have a feeling I’ll be on mommy duty this summer being a first at a beach/lake.

  2. When you finish your list, can you come tackle mine? Actually, I love that you posted this and I may do the same. Maybe that will keep me more accountable!! Can’t wait to see how the chandelier turns out!!

  3. i love talking about summer!!! and i read crazy love last month and loved it! love all of your projects–especially the “after” pictures 🙂

  4. Such a fan of written lists on a smaller scale – should do this for the summer too! You’re summer sounds awesome! I didn’t read about getting 2 new nieces, but I’m sure that will be squeezed in there!

    • Yeah, I don’t really have to do to much work to get those nieces here, so I didn’t list ’em 🙂 But I CAN’T WAIT to meet them!!

  5. I can picture you getting LOTS of the items done! And whatever you have left can just stay on the list for whenever. Can’t wait to see your new front door! Gotta admit the shutters project sounds horrible. It’s going to be fun to see you check things off the list–I’m in awe of your ambition!

  6. Good luck accomplishing your list. We also have a 2 story house with 13 sets of shutters and paint them at least every other year. My suggestion is that if you are going with a totally different color, buy new ones. We had black shutters and spray painted them burgandy and they look awful once it chips off or fades. They really are fairly cheap–so we bought burgandy and repaint them burgandy when they fade.

    • Thanks, Jackie! We decided to paint them with a brush and exterior paint, hoping that they will last. The ones on our house are pretty heavy-duty, and the new ones we looked into were so lightweight that we hated to change them out. Fingers crossed this will work…

  7. I read Black Heels when it first came out and I totally splurged on buying it. Loved it! Other than “Made to Crave” which I am reading for my summer bible study, I don’t have many books on my to-read list and I think I will probably read Black Heels again.
    Also, I hear you on the shutters! Our shutters are an absolute nightmare that we finally had to call a professional in to rehang. They installed them with these awful plastic plug type things instead of regular screws which started to break off. Some shutters were hanging off, others we couldn’t get down and the awful plastic plugs were hanging out of the house and couldn’t be removed. Anyway, they are all back up with regular screws, but now need to be repainted so will have to come down again. What kind of paint are you planning to use on yours?

    • Hi Page! I decided instead of spray paint to use Sherwin-Williams Duration paint with built-in primer, and we’re going to brush it on. It’s latex, but the guy there said it’s really durable. Hope he’s right!

  8. Move your trip to The City Museum to the top of your list! I have gone there with my friend’s kids when I lived near St. Louis. It was seriously a blast. Also, don’t save this museum trip for a rainy day… be sure to go when it’s nice out because there is a HUGE outdoor climbing area that is really fun! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about this adventure-and see pictures!!

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