I May Not Make It. aka CICADAS GO AWAY.

It’s seriously reached the point of infestation. Swarming. Taking over.

The sound alone could be enough to drive someone to drink, but the dive-bombing that has commenced has nearly put me over the edge.

Yes, yes, I know…they’re only here to mate, they don’t bite/sting humans, etc. But I would really like for them to go get it on somewhere other than my yard/neighborhood/suburb, because I don’t know how much longer I can take it.

I’ve now TWICE had them stuck (and I mean stuck) in my hair. I’ve had one sneak up on me (inside church, no less) and land on my shoulder, unnoticed until it made it’s screeching mating sound. Go to any parking lot in the area, and you’ll see people darting to get away from them, running into stores, doing a now-all-too-familiar dance to get them off their bodies.

Luke unknowingly brought one into the van on the back of his shirt after church today (our church has a serious, Biblical-like plague infestation going on). Bennett noticed it and told him, and we quickly shooed Luke out of the van to get it off of him.

Jack Henry doesn’t even want to go outside, let alone play outside.

I don’t want to go outside to water my (growing prolifically!) garden on the deck.

They crunch when you step on them.

They leave their shells all over creation.

They fly straight into your car and windshield with a loud thump.

Please, God, let it end.

15 responses to “I May Not Make It. aka CICADAS GO AWAY.

  1. I blame the movie “Ants”. That movie did more to cast the poor Cicada in such a bad light than any plague, real or imagined.

  2. You could move in with us for awhile. Since we only have baby trees in our yard we don’t hear or see them often – only when on a run or bike ride.

  3. AMEN!! The screeching has taken away the last bit of hearing I have and Korry is terrified of them.

  4. OMGosh!! I can’t stop laughing. Picturing you & your cute family, all in church, when suddenly a cicada starts screeching on your shoulder? Too funny!

    (But we don’t have them here in town. Yesterday we were at the lake all day, and I swear I’m a walking cicada magnet. Every 5 minutes I had one on my boob.)

    • Gross! I’ll bet out by the lake they’re bad.

      And while I was in church, I was standing outside one of the kids’ classrooms, so at least I wasn’t in the sanctuary. That would have been horrible!

  5. I’m glad to hear you weren’t in the sanctuary when one landed on you–I can only imagine the–ahem–*unholy* scene that might have occurred!! And then another one in the van!!! 😦

    We just don’t hear them at our house. In fact, although of course I was aware of them, I hadn’t given them any thought until we were at your house last week! Then today we were out at the lake, and they were LOUD! Fortunately, we were in the community bldg the whole time.

  6. We had one in the house tonight. In. The. House. 😐 You can add cicada elimination to the ever expanding list of reasons why I will always have a central vac in my house.

    It had the nerve to make that horrible chirping/screaming sound while it was on the fireplace hearth. The whole thing moved a certain daughter nearly to tears. 😦

    They must not have been anywhere near as bad 13 years ago. Seems like I would have remembered something like this.

  7. major ew. glad our STL visit was in April, not June this year 🙂

  8. I keep hearing how awful they are! My brother and his wife live in city near Ted Drews and they don’t have them nearly as bad as my parents in Kirkwood. Weird! We don’t have them out here so you guys could always come visit VA for a while! 🙂
    And just think, we’ve somehow lived through this twice before – and I don’t even remember. Just be thankful you have a garage, so you don’t have to race to the car every time you want to go somewhere!

  9. Another wonderful blessing of moving to the city. Haven’t seen a single one around our house! We were in the county on Saturday so I know exactly what your talking about! There is no way I would be able to handle it!

    Pregnant + Hot +Plus annoying LOUD noises outside that NEVER stop = angry sweaty fat lady!

  11. Now you know how I feel about endless winter storms in May.

    Not that I wish it on you. Just sayin’ I’m glad we feel the same pain!

  12. This. Creeps. Me. Out. :\ I’m glad I haven’t had issues in WI. It’d be enough to make me want to move. . . (Dramatic, but true. . . While I loved TX, I cannot express how ready I was to ditch the giant cockroaches.)

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