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One of my favorite home decor blogs is The Nester‘s…I’ve been oohing and aahing over her posts for quite a while now. When I saw last week that she was having a linky party of her readers’ best yard sale finds, I had to post my most recent one that I’m really excited about!

Our entryway is small, but I decided that I want to put something there. Lo and behold, while out at garage sales the weekend after I decided this, we came across this old chest. Matt and the boys were with me, and as we drove by the house, which had all of about 8 things for sale, I spied the chest, and told Matt that for the right price, that thing was coming home with us.

I walked up to the sale ready to try to get the seller to reduce the price. Until I SAW the price on it: $5. By 9:00 am when we got there, she’d already cut the price in half. Um YES!! Internal girl scream! I’ll take it!

I can’t wait to sand this thing down and give it a coat of paint. I’m taking the legs off, too, as they are wobbly and make the chest too tall for the space I’m using it in. And new knobs, of course.

please ignore that it immediately got put to use as storage in the garage!

So readers (and those of you clicking over for the linky party: chime in, please!): what color should I paint this? It’s going against this very light tan wall (that’s a story for another day, but these walls all turned out lighter than planned) and I’m not planning to paint the walls anytime soon.

Also, I have this “home” sign hanging nearby and I love it…it’s not going anywhere, so this chest needs to coordinate ok. I’m thinking about that deep teal that’s behind the “E” as the color for the chest. I have a lot of green in my house already, so I want to stay away from that.


34 responses to “Yard Sale Find

  1. I would paint it to match the color behind the O in the Home sign. Or a deep burgandy or rust color would be pretty.

    • Rust would be ok….the red behind the sign is pretty red (like without brown or orange undertones), so I’m a little worried about the whole piece when painted that color (too much like a fire engine maybe?).

  2. Don’t toss the legs. They are mid-century modern, a decorating style that is very “hot” right now. You could probably sell the legs and make back your $5!

    • On another piece of furniture (or possibly, in another location in the house), I’d like the legs, I think. Thanks for the idea to sell them πŸ™‚ I’ll maybe put them on craigslist when I get to that stage!

  3. i like the O color idea that kim had (depending on how “red” it is in real life. no fire engine trucks, please)! i love me good steals!!! props to you!

  4. That is awesome. I’m with Kim and Heidi, I would do a shade of red like the color behind the “o”. So fun!

  5. if as you say you have alot of green in your house, then i agree with the other comments about choosing a nice deep rich red for it.good luck, can’t wait to see pics of the finished product.

  6. Ugh…this is my personal taste, but I loathe red. I love the idea of the color behind the “E”. Especially because I’ve actually seen stuff that is stained in a color like that and it is so sharp! Red is overused a lot. Plus, green and blue are complimentary colors. I vote blue and YAY for a great garage sale find!

  7. TEAL! with gunmetal knobs. If you kept the legs, you could spray them to match some knobs.

  8. deep teal would be great and it’s the legs that make it. can’t believe you got that for 5 bucks, that is AWESOME. oh, to have a big car to take that away in! popping in from the nester’s party.

    • I’m worried about its stability where it’s going to be…it will sit in a part of the house that gets a lot of running traffic from 3 little boys…and the legs make it much less steady. I couldn’t believe it was $5 either! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. My vote would be for a teal or light blueish green color. Perhaps Halycon Green or Gentile Tide. I’m withTiffany on the idea of painting it red, my personal opinion is that the red would make the piece look dated. I also love the legs, I think they are great, so since you dont like them I would use them to make a small ottoman or sell them to me πŸ™‚ I linked up to Nesters party as well, hope you stop by and say hi.

  10. You might find that you can tighten up the legs or make them more secure. If you cant make it work, sell it for a great price and find something you like better.

    • I’m definitely keeping this one! πŸ™‚ The legs might be able to made more secure, but I’m afraid this piece wouldn’t be sturdy enough in the entryway with so many boys running through if it’s on its legs!

  11. I do like the idea of doing the teal, then maybe you could put some red accessories on top. Just a thought. Yea, yea, yea for $5!! Congrats! I too am trying to outfit my home with yard sale furniture. Kelly

  12. How about orange? And great deal btw !

    • I LOVE ORANGE! I actually have a nearby project on hold while I decide about this piece’s color! I so wish orange were in that HOME sign…it honestly would have been a no-brainer for me if that were the case!

  13. oh, teal with red accents is even better!!!

  14. Oh fun! Am I the only one who thinks the wood on this piece is beautiful? But I’m a sucker for a paint job, too. I vote no to red (though a red fan myself). What about doing it black or chocolate? I like the teal alot, but feel you may want to change it faster than black or chocolate.

    • I agree that painting it a color may mean that it I will feel like changing it sooner. However, I want it to really pop when you walk in the front door, and I think a color will do that. The wood is in worse shape than shows in the pictures, too…it would take a LOT of work to stain it back to something acceptable (and, the top is formica).

  15. I’m picturing that as a real statement piece. Maybe use ultra shiny automotive paint and make it an intensely colored, shiny teal or red or black. What if you added big casters as legs?

  16. I’m no good with color but I also love it as is! Also, you can get strapping to secure it to the wall. That way you can keep the legs and suffer no accidents. I have bought furniture from Ikea that came with the strapping so you could probably find it there, but I’m sure you could find it elsewhere! What a steal!

  17. Wow – what an amazing find for $5! I love midcentury modern and personally I would leave it as is…love the legs! A fun color would also make it stand out though…I’m sure you’ll make it look great! Visiting from The Nester! You can check out my link here…


    Mandy @ This Girl’s Life

  18. What a interesting piece – before you paint check for the manufacturer – this piece reminds me of a Paul McCobb or Edward Spense wave front design. Both are popular mid century ‘collectibles’. You may be able to resell and buy many other things you need.

  19. I didn’t get to read all the posts, so this may be a repeat, but I personally would paint it grey. And because I love Color Block design so much, I’d be taking advantage of those different shaped drawers and using all the colors in the HOME sign. The grey should easily mimic the silver, and play as your neutral. Does that sound crazy? Maybe, but it would make a great accent/conversation piece too.

    Teri C

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