Happy Birthday, Matt!

Today is my amazing husband’s 36th birthday. In a manner befitting a man in his (ahem, cough, cough) mid-thirties, he will spend the day at work, followed by baseball practice* with one of the boys. Then, we’ll head out to eat at the restaurant of his choosing. Well, not exactly the restaurant that would be his first choice, as we’ll have kids with us, and they don’t prefer Thai or Indian food, so you know, it’ll be a restaurant he likes at least OK.


We’ve done our best to make it a special day, though, with presents from the boys and a few little things I’ve picked for him. And I created a little dessert from some things I had in the kitchen, and it looks good!

And in case he doesn’t already know it:

We love you, Matt.

jack henry took this, and it makes me laugh. 36 = mature.

*Have I mentioned that both older boys have practice at the same time on the same day of the week at schools 10 minutes apart from each other? Since the middle of March, this has been our life on Thursday evenings. So we don’t even get to hang out at baseball practice together, we have to divide and conquer.

4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Matt!

  1. Happy birthday, Matt!

    (I totally love that JH took the pic. Awesome!)

  2. I know he doesn’t know me but I still hope he has a Happy Birthday! The pic is awesome and I am thinking that he has very nice teeth!lol

  3. Yeah, as his mom, I have to comment about his teeth: where’s the justice?? This kid had “casual” (to be polite) dental hygiene when he was growing up (seriously, not my fault), and he comes from a dad AND mom w/ mouths full of cavities! I’m not sure any more, but as of the time he entered marriage, he’d had NO cavities! His sisters have both had a typical number of cavities. One of the mysteries of life!

    Anyway, back to my son’s birthday! I’ve tried to push it far into the back of my mind that I was in mild labor for an entire day before you were born (thus, eating NO FOOD) and then moved into hard labor for about 1/2 day (w/ NO DRUGS/EPIDURAL) before finally having to succumb to a c-section in the middle of the night. But nevermind; I’ve tried not to hold that against him πŸ™‚ 😦 When I finally came out of general anesthesia & heard we had a son and that everything was A-OK, I was beyond ecstatic!

    We love you, Matt! You’re at a great age–the 30’s & 40’s are great family times, and you’re just getting warmed up!

  4. Ha! Jo – totally noticed the lack of silver fillings like I have! No Fair!

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