A Compilation. For Posterity’s Sake.

Since I sometimes post the kids’ funny conversations and things they do on Facebook instead of here, I’m copying a few of my favorites to have them saved somewhere. Because this is the only place things get recorded. Sara does this, too, and I think it’s a good way to preserve them!

*What’s the opposite of 1000? What’s the opposite of tree? What’s the opposite of van? Repeat these, and 45 other questions with no real opposite, and you’ll know what it’s like to be in my van right now.

*on one hand, I’m happy that at 3 1/2, Jack Henry is starting to try to spell words by sounding them out. On the other, there’s the fact that the first word he just tried to sound out was boob (spelled b-u-b, which isn’t bad).

*In an effort to rub it in a little more, my children have turned this morning’s mom fail into a song set to “Deck the Halls.” ” Mom forgot to pack a snack, fa la la la la la la la la…”

*our new favorite game: I stand on the deck (we have a walkout basement, so the deck is up high) and throw pop flies to the boys below. They love it! And I get to spend time on our rotting deck. Good times.

*just when you think you’ve seen it all…a parent at an 8-and-under baseball game asks to see a bat because he thinks it’s illegal. I’m so not kidding.

*morning math problem for you: Say your child wants more milk, and goes to the fridge to get the gallon. Instead of moving the pitcher of sweet tea out of the way, he just yanks on the milk carton. How far will the sweet tea splatter? Please round up to the nearest foot.

*You know one of your kids is extra-sensitive today when, by 8:15am, you’ve told him to go find something to do that does not involve crying.

*I hope that when my boys are grown that they think as much of each other as I do of my siblings.

*the simplest things make me happy…like being able to walk barefoot on the kitchen floor without it being crunchy.

*not much strikes fear in the heart of a mom like the following (from a 6 y.o.): “I know how to spell the S word. And the B word.” Thankfully, his bad words weren’t ACTUAL bad words…just words that don’t sound nice coming from a kid.

*Jack Henry’s prayer at bedtime: “Dear God, Let my mom and dad get a good night’s sleep tonight. Let them be good grownups, and let them be good at in-charging. Amen.”

*Jack Henry just learned the shocking news that I have brothers. And that he knows them! And that I have a sister, and that Matt has two. He seems to think this is pretty great news.

*I have a 2nd grader who is suddenly way smarter than me (in his mind). I can’t count the number of times I’ve been “wrong” about something in the past 3 days.

*I just gave Jack Henry a piece of bubble wrap to play with (he’d never seen it before, and was intrigued). Best babysitter ever.

*Jack Henry just called a bad guy on the CandyLand board a “Meanie Buttcheeks.” Let’s hope he doesn’t repeat this next year in preschool.

*I swear if I ever see one of my boys with their pants so low you can see his butt I will put a belt on so tight he won’t be able to take a breath. (guess where I just was? The mall. And guess what I just saw? Some teenager’s ENTIRE butt.)

*preschoolers are so inefficient. Case in point: deciding to use the bathroom, which apparently requires removing all clothing from the waist down, immediately after getting dressed. And I do mean immediately.

2 responses to “A Compilation. For Posterity’s Sake.

  1. Love Jack Henry’s prayer! And his awe that you & Matt have siblings. And ditto on the low-rider pants. That has happened to me before too, and that’s exactly what I always think: “My children will NEVER get away with dressing like this.”

  2. I thought of you the other day when I walked through my kitchen w/o having crumbs attached to the bottom of feet. (It made me happy too!)

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