We are mid-vacation and it’s been WONDERFUL so far! The kids were great little travelers on the long drive, and I’ll have some stories from the drive and the trip in the next few weeks.

We are all settled into this lovely little house in Estes Park (wait until you see pics…you’ll girl scream at how me this house is!) and my love is planning the next few days’ worth of hiking and trails and all things Rocky Mountain National Park (including, I hope, a lesson on what to do if we see bears and lions, because all I know is how Susan and Sharon from “The Parent Trap” told their potential stepmom Vicky to click those sticks together, and I know that’s not right).

While he’s doing that, I’ll share these 3 quick stories that involve Jack Henry + tears. He’s so very 3, and so very much the youngest in the family, and so very much a mama’s boy.

1. While at the Rockies game on Saturday night, he was extra squirrelly-acting due to the time change/travel/being up past bedtime. He was doing fine, though, until he looked up and me and just burst into tears and asked, “When is this game gonna be OVER?” He fell asleep on my lap about five minutes later and stayed that way through the 9th, so we were able to stay the whole time for the other boys.

2. After the game, he fell asleep on the drive back to the hotel (nap #2 of the night) so he was in really good shape by then. I had to leave the hotel room to go get something, and I came back to him crying. I asked why, and Matt told me, of course, that he was crying because he’d told Jack Henry he didn’t have to brush his teeth that night and JH was sure he was going to get cavities.

3. Night #2 in Denver, which means night #2 in a too-small-for-our-family hotel room. Early bedtime. JH sharing a bed with Bennett, who has already crashed. JH’s nap in the van earlier in the day is making him not quite as tired as his brothers. After we’d told him several times to be still/quiet/etc, he came over to my side of the bed and gave me one more hug and kiss, after an innumerable amount already (stall tactics much?). He started crying, saying he wanted to be a grownup like us. So he could get married. To me*.

Sigh. How do you argue with that? Adorable.

*He’s said for a year or more that he wants to marry me, but we’ve explained, and he understands, that he will have to marry a girl his own age when they’re grownups.

K, friends, pray for no rain the next few days. The forecast doesn’t look too promising.

5 responses to “Crying.

  1. #1 & #2 could totally happen here! (And probably have!) So funny. Hmmm…. my boys have never asked to marry me – they’ve had their eyes are certain girls from an early age. 🙂

  2. I’m telling you, between your stories about JH and Kelli Stuart’s stories about Landon, I am bound and determined to have one more baby. And I’m praying it’s a boy! How do you handle such cuteness? What does Matt say? Melty….

  3. How funny! At least there is never a dull moment with your boys. I’m so jealous you guys are in Estes Park – perhaps one of my favorite places to visit. My older brother actually got married in Rocky Mountain NP and Ben and I have loved it ever since!

  4. I hope you’ll post your “vacation plan.”. This sounds like one I’d like to plan myself. Hmmm . . . Maybe in a few years though.

  5. JH really is a sweetheart. If you need a break, I’ll come pick him up.
    T has told me he wants to marry me too. I usually tell him I’m already married to dad, which is true but may set up some sort of Oedipal complex. I like your answer better…

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