Bennett, Colorado

One of our favorite quick veers off the interstate was in Bennett, Colorado, a tiny town east of Denver. We were looking for something good to take our Bennett’s picture with, and were kind of striking out until we found the local high school…

Since he’s the only of our kids with a more unusual name, I hope that this makes up for not being able to find his name on all of the pre-printed souvenir stuff, like street signs, cups, etc., where his brothers’ names are so prevalent.

4 responses to “Bennett, Colorado

  1. This is fantastic–bet he was so excited!! Great pics at the school!

  2. That’s so fun! In WA, there was a strip mall called “Cooper Point Plaza” and there was Cooper street, Cooper’s tires, you name it. We always got a good laugh out of that. Too fun!

  3. That is the cutest thing! LOVE the water tower one. When Tanner was 3, we went to Tanner’s Apple Orchard & he totally thought it was his! Too funny!

  4. Yeah, Bennett! Now you know he’ll grow up and move to CO, which would not be so bad bc you could visit a lot!

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