CityGarden: Check!

On Monday, the kids and I met Matt for lunch downtown, something we like to do at least once a summer. After lunch, we walked Matt back to the bank and then drove a couple of blocks to the CityGarden…if it hadn’t been so hot, I would have stayed parked where we were and hoofed it across downtown. However, it was once again well over 100 with the heat index (too many days in a row now to count), so I wanted the car close by.

And I’m really glad we moved the van…I was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of parking spots on the street right around the park…spaces everywhere! Visitors to downtown: meter parking is 15 minutes for a quarter with a max of 2 hours, so if you’re lucky enough to find a spot, $2 in quarters will cover your parking. If there isn’t street parking available, there are several garages within a couple of blocks. **Note: we were there at 1pm on a non-game day for the Cardinals. Game days could change how busy it is.**

CityGarden is basically a 2-block green space with fun water features and several cool art installations right in the heart of downtown St. Louis (about 3 blocks from the ballpark), on the north side of Market between 8th and 10th Streets.

The boys absolutely LOVED it, and I did, too. I wish we’d spent more time walking around to see all of the art (I love these and think pictures in them would so cool), but frankly, it was too hot to be anywhere but in the water features. The boys were totally bummed that you can’t play in the waterfall area, but aside from that, it was a huge hit. I believe the water stays on until Labor Day weekend. There’s still time to enjoy it this summer…go soon!

3 responses to “CityGarden: Check!

  1. That is so cool! Funny that JH doesn’t like water splashing in his face – that was the “lesson” in Cole’s swim lesson today! So funny!

  2. How come I’ve never heard of this before now!? This place looks really cool. And I, too, love that last picture.

  3. That is on my list of things to do for next week, we have never been! We hit Grant’s Farm today and we lucked out with the weather.

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