Tooth Fairy?

Last spring, we cleared up any confusion Luke might have had over the Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy/Santa with the talk mentioned here.

Shortly thereafter, Bennett figured out, completely on his own, that the Easter Bunny could not be real. Because I’m not going to lie to my kids, when he asked me, I told him the truth. But I didn’t give him any more information than he was asking for (i.e. I didn’t also blow the Tooth Fairy or Santa’s cover).

Funny sidenote: I pulled Luke aside at the time and told him that B knew about the Easter Bunny, but nothing else, so that he wouldn’t accidentally tell him. Luke was like, “Well MOM, the Easter Bunny IS the hardest one to believe in. I mean, a bunny? Really?” πŸ™‚

Fast-forward to vacation.

Bennett had a pretty loose tooth that he was wiggling a lot. It got bumped by Luke, which made a little more progress on the wiggliness (yes, that’s a word. It is now.). On our first night in the hotel in Colby, KS, I asked B if he wanted me to try to pull it, and he said yes.

In retrospect, I should’ve waited until it was a bit looser. It came out easily, but bled a little more than usual, and that kinda freaked Bennett out. He recovered from that, and as he was lying in bed (which he was sharing with Luke – JH was awake on the floor of the hotel room on an inflatable mattress) a few minutes later, he asked, loudly, “Is the Tooth Fairy real?”

My eyes got huge as I looked over at Matt, who deftly distracted Jack Henry by asking him to come look at something on his computer. I ran over to the bed, and whispered a bit with Bennett.

Me: “Well, what do YOU think?”

B, smiling from ear to ear: “I think she’s not real.”

Me: “Why do you think that?”

B: “I have 20 teeth that I’m going to lose. And so do all of the other kids. I mean, how many dollars can she really have? It has to be you.”

I just grinned, and told him he was a stinker for figuring it out before I could even pretend once to be the Tooth Fairy for him.

Isn’t he so cute? He immediately shows the gap in his mouth to everyone he sees.

There’s not a chance we’ll get to Christmas without him figuring out Santa. I only hope that Jack Henry can make it to 6 and losing his first tooth so that the Tooth Fairy can visit him at least once!

2 responses to “Tooth Fairy?

  1. So sweet. We’ve had such discussions recently in our house with the first lost tooth too. Our son knows about Santa and the Easter Bunny. But he maintains some confusion about Santa’s elves and seems to bundle the Tooth Fairy in with their lot. His fuzziness is so endearing, we’ll let it run its course. Love this stage of his precious life!

  2. πŸ™‚ I love the bunny conversation with Luke. . .

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