Sitting in the living room, Matt and I heard footsteps coming down the stairs well after bedtime.


Bennett appeared around the corner, grinning.

“I can’t sleep. I’m too excited!”

Luke appeared later, saying the same thing.

Excited for what? Well, it’s the same thing I’m excited about too!

Tomorrow evening, I’ll be meeting my mother-in-law, aka Nana Jo, to drop off the boys with her for THREE WHOLE DAYS. The boys are beside themselves in anticipation. And I *may* be just a little bit, too. The kids and I have scarcely been apart since school let out, so I jumped at the chance to get, ahem, a teeny bit of a break in order to restore my sanity before school starts.

And while I’ve mentioned her on the blog before, I’ve never given her a post of her own. So here it is.

I married into a wonderful family. Matt’s parents and sisters treat me like one of their own, and have for a long, long time. Matt and I had the good fortune of being from the same town, and though our families didn’t know each other before we met, they got to know each other as well, and our siblings became friends with each other, too. Knowing there’s so much harmony between the families has been a huge blessing to us, especially when working out where we are for holidays, etc.

As I reran this post about my mom passing away, it occurred to me that I’d never mentioned what Jo did for us when it became evident that my mom didn’t have much time left. The boys and I went to Effingham intending to spend one night visiting Mom. Jo had just left (the day before, I think) for the family’s lake cottage in southern Wisconsin with several of her friends from church. By the following night, she was back home, taking care of me and the boys (and Matt, during the times he could be in town) so that we could be with my mom for as long as we needed to be. And we ended up staying for two full weeks at their house. See? Amazing.

I could go on and on. It’s no wonder the boys are so pumped to go spend a few days in Effingham with her! We are beyond thankful for having her, and the whole family, in our lives.

13 responses to “In-Laws.

  1. Good Mother in Laws (and in law families) are a true blessing!! I can tell you were blessed with a great one!!!

  2. I just got up–makeup on–hair fixed . . . and now I’m sitting here CRYING over this post. I hardly know what to say–except “thank you” for everything you’ve written–and “thank you” for being the answer to all my years of praying for just the right woman for Matt to fall in love with and marry!

    Last night when I was mowing the grass, I was thinking about the boys being here this week. As I so often do, I got thinking about how I wish your mom was here to share them.

    I hope you have some fun, get a few things done, and also work in some relaxing this week! I’m pumped up for having the house full of noise & boys!

  3. Oh, you guys are killing me! This is a great feel-good read!

  4. awwww, sweet post! and we are sooooooooo happy matt was lucky enough to charm you into marrying him 🙂 and yes, we all love the pals family, too!!! lucy is so stinkin’ excited to meet her birthday twin sometime soon, she hopes! enjoy your freedom this week–i imagine you were too excited to sleep, too!

  5. How fun! Right up there with Santa Clause! Evidence of a Super Gram! Enjoy and treasure each and every special time as so quickly they have their own friends and schedules and aren’t quite that excited to visit.

  6. It IS a pretty great family!! 🙂 Enjoy your free time–it will probably fly by! Make sure you relax a little and don’t try to accomplish too much with the house empty!

  7. Nana Jo is giving you a great model for the mother-in-law role someday 🙂

  8. Very sweet. . . 🙂

  9. Nana Jo is a gem. One of those rare and special people who is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on, someone to share a bit of good news, or help with an alibi. (Oops! I wasn’t supposed talk about that last thing. What happens at the lake, stays at the lake.) Seriously, I’m glad you dedicated a post to Jo. It’s a privilege to know her and an honor to be her friend.

  10. Debbie–thank you!! You’re just getting started in Grandma-Land; it is THE greatest gift . . . and brings out better qualities than you had as a mom! And thanks for being there for ME in all the instances you mentioned above!

  11. First I was crying at the post about Nana Jo and your mom. Now I’m crying after reading Nana Jo’s comments. I’m tucking it all away for when I’m blessed to be a mother in-law and grandmother. What a great family.

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