My emotions, that is.

Tomorrow, school starts for the 2 older boys. And next Tuesday, school starts for Jack Henry. I’m not wearing makeup that day; I’m planning to just come home and cry for 2 hours in my empty house and then go back and pick him up. I’m sure by the following week I’ll be dancing for joy at my five whopping hours of free time a week, but that first day is just going to suck.

The kids are just back from their 5 night trip to Effingham (just them with Nana Jo first, followed by me joining them Friday night). Needless to say, they had a BALL. Lots of swimming and hours playing at parks and outside, and then the St. Anthony church picnic on Saturday night, all in unseasonably beautiful weather, making being outside pleasant for once.

Because they weren’t here on Friday, they haven’t dropped off their school supplies or met their teachers yet, when the rest of the kids at our school did. Well, Luke has…we’re so excited that he got the same teacher that he had last year! But Bennett’s teacher is new (brand new!), so we’re looking forward to meeting her in an hour or so, when we go up to school.

And like I so remember being as a kid, I’m full of mixed emotions. Excited and nervous about the start of a new year. Happy about new school supplies..oh wait, those aren’t for me (I think I’ve mentioned more than once my dorky love for new school supplies). Sad to see summer end (I mean, who doesn’t love summer?). Wishing that we’d done more fun things, even though I think we did a lot of them this year. Hoping that I’ve poured into them enough to make them strong, confident young men (though clearly, that doesn’t stop because school starts).

I love my unscheduled time with my kids, but I am very anxious get back into a predictable routine that simply isn’t welcome into the kind of summer we have, which is laid back.

Look for some cute back-to-school pics tomorrow. For now, I’m off to enjoy these kiddos.

4 responses to “Jumbled.

  1. Give in to EVERY emotion & just let it sink in & then go on. As you can tell already from the 8 1/2 yrs you’ve been a mom, it all goes by in lightening speed. Sometimes that’s good; sometimes, sad. Just take it all in!

    You know you’re going to Love, Love, Love those 2 short mornings a week by yourself! But for Tues, just cry.

  2. There is always a group of moms here who go to a coffee shop the 1st day of school – mainly to distract the 1st timers. And by the time you run to the store it will time to pick JH up.

  3. Good luck to your kiddos as they start school! We’ve got all our homeschool materials laid out and we took advantage of tax free weekend yesterday to purchase school supplies. My kids are surprisingly excited about all of it. There is something magical about new school supplies, even if you’re homeschooling! I was glad to know that the excitement would still be there. Love you guys! šŸ™‚

  4. I am loving the Target commercials about school supplies. My favorite is the female teacher with the hamsters, Lewis and Clark. I love when she says “tape, that sticks, and glitter…so much glitter!”. I feel you on the jumbled emotions. I’ve been moping around all week feeling just a bit lost. I’m slowly getting into a routine, but I think reading your post today I finally realized why I feel so disorganized! Thanks! And I hope your boys have a blast…whatever will do with yourself for 5 hours? He he he he he he….

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