First Day 2011

It’s really weird to think that it’s been a year since our first nervous day at the boys’ school…in some ways, it feels like it was just last month that we took last year’s back-to-school pictures, but we feel like such a part of the community at the school that I feel like we’ve been there for more years than just one.

Holy run-on sentence. I think I need to go back to school.

Our plan this year is that Matt or I will take them to school, and they will ride the bus home. I know lots of people do lots of different things, but I think that this will work best for us. For one, our school day now starts 40 minutes earlier than last year, so I’ll appreciate the extra 15 minutes in the early 7 o’clock hour to get everyone ready. Secondly, due to the behavior of some on the bus last year, and the complete lack of supervision by our bus driver, who, sadly, is just a warm body, I’m thinking that me being the last influence before starting the school day is a good idea.

So here are the boys, ready for their first big day back. Also, please note that while we now have a beautiful new facade to our house, I took the boys to the ugliest part of our yard to take their pictures, I guess because it’s where we took them last year when the front of our house was ugly? Duh. Will remedy this for Jack Henry’s first day pics.

he's so grown up! totally ready for first grade.

my 3rd grader...this will be a big year for him, as they start getting real grades now!

jack henry with his brothers! he's going to be lost for a few days without them here all the time.

personalized backpacks this year!

A little bit on the backpacks: Matt was at some charity event last spring and one of the giveaways was that awesome Under Armour backpack. It was navy with orange lining, BUT it had a massive, hideous embroidered logo of sponsor names for the event (I mean, seriously). I searched and searched online for a Chief patch big enough, but couldn’t find one (big shout-out to the U of I for caving and getting rid of the Chief, making it nearly impossible to find things like this now).

Determined not to let this amazing bag go to waste, I found a patch on ebay that was close to the right size, ironed it on and then stitched around the edge. If you saw it up close, you’d see that it’s pretty rough, but Luke actually likes the stitching! Then, because some of the original embroidery that I mentioned was still visible, I used a seam ripper to carefully remove that part, and it worked!

i REALLY hope that this will last a couple of years!

Bennett is using last year’s school bag, so we just ironed on a new patch (that needed no stitching, hallelujah!), and he loves it!

Next week I’ll show you Jack Henry’s “new” tote bag for school!

3 responses to “First Day 2011

  1. Sigh . . . a new school year! I love it that they look/feel excited–I remember how fun it was to have new supplies & to pick out w/ Gale what we were going to wear the first day! Can’t wait to hear how Bennett likes his teacher and both of the boys’ impressions of the new year!

  2. Ok, I am feeling lost with Cooper in school. Don’t get me wrong, I’m plenty busy. It just feels weird. I am eager to hear how things go for you with JH in preschool! Great pics and I didn’t think the background was ugly in the pics. 😀

  3. love the bags!!! i seriously can’t believe luke is in 3rd grade! that just sounds too “old”! love the tree tradition 🙂

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