I Think He’s Doing Just Fine.


sam's club lunch...one of his favorites! and mine, too, because it's so cheap!

I mentioned in my back-to-school post that I thought poor Jack Henry was going to be lost without his big brothers here to harass entertain him all day.

I seriously could not have been more wrong. Now, he does anxiously wait for the bus to drop them off, but the rest of the day, he is perfectly thrilled to have me all to himself.

I should have known.

The first morning they were gone, he commented, “So, Mama, it’s just going to be you and me chatting all day, I guess!” And oh, boy, was it. I had gotten the slightest bit of a break over the summer from his incessant talking, as it was at least sometimes directed to his brothers. But now? Now it’s just me and him.

And most of the time, I do really love it. (I mean, I’d think you were lying if said that you didn’t want just a few minutes of peace and quiet to form a complete thought at least once a day.) He’s funny and at a great age to be out and about doing errands or playing at the park. He plays games well, and we’re working on good sportsmanship when losing. Life lessons everywhere you look.

Next week begins the biggest adventure this side of potty training in Jack Henry’s young life. I cannot wait to hear his take on preschool.

8 responses to “I Think He’s Doing Just Fine.

  1. Good grief–he looks so old in this pic! As I said when you were here last wkend, I do agree that JH “chats” all. the. time., BUT it all sounds so danged cute, and I love the still-babyish sound/content of so much of what he says!

    I, too, am waiting eagerly to hear what he has to say about school!!!

  2. Love it all! And what a good picture. Well, it helps when you’re that darn cute!

  3. He is just so darn cute!! Isn’t so great to be able to enjoy him and not have a baby that you are constantly caring for too? I can’t wait to hear how next week goes!! I will be praying for him (and you) for sure!!!

  4. I second your post. Replace “Blake” for “JH.” LOL! 🙂

  5. Awwww—so sweet!! Those chubby little fingers digging in to the cheese! Just like years back with myself and a much smaller Tracer!! Just wait, you’ll be bawling that morning you drop him off! What a cute post! =)

  6. Just want to reiterate, if you ever need a place for JH to hang out for a while, mi casa su case. (Of course that goes for L & B too!)

  7. Oops. Should be mi casa su casA. The spell check no habla espanol!

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