Quick Kitchen Corner Makeover

I keep seeing these cute menu boards all over the blogosphere and Pinterest, and I decided to whip one up.

However, I have almost no wall space in my kitchen…it’s not that it’s so filled with stuff that there’s no room; there’s just literally almost no wall space to begin with.

So, I improvised. And, what makes me even happier is that I had ALL of the things I needed on hand. So this project cost me zero dollars and zero cents (in new expenditures…I mean, obvs, I didn’t steal this stuff). Though, if you don’t have these things at home, this is definitely a project you can make on the cheap.

This is how the corner of the counter looked before:

this plate was fine, but it was just leftover decor from the old house. now it's a serving platter! or, possibly, going in my next garage sale.

And here’s why it looked like this:


That would be my cheap imitation of an ipod dock, which consists of computer speakers purchased at a garage sale for $1. Yes, it works fine, but it’s a bit unsightly, as is that giant CO detector. So I keep it covered.

And now, here’s how it looks!

so far, we're only having dinner two times next week.

I used an old frame I had, and just left it alone…honestly, I would have preferred something smaller, but beggars can’t be choosers. The mat was in the frame, and I spray painted it to coordinate with the kitchen. The plate holder was spray painted oil-rubbed bronze (I wanted to paint it bright orange, but didn’t have any spray paint, so this had to do). I dug that paper out of my supply of cardstock, and then used my Silhouette to make the lettering (though, you could just write that on there, or you could buy letter sticker packs and DIY). I’m using a dry-erase marker to write the weekly menu.

My kids love when they can see for themselves what’s coming up on the menu (I used to sometimes make a paper copy of our menu), probably so that they can perfect their gagging skills well ahead of time on days that they hate what I’m preparing.

Have a great weekend! Next week I’m going to show you the new, improved dresser!

4 responses to “Quick Kitchen Corner Makeover

  1. Very cute! Looks like something I would have said, “I could do that!”–and then never do it. Of course, my phone area would have never been straightened up enough to be able to SEE the corner.

  2. Very clever and it looks great! You will have to post comments on the various menus. Maybe you could post a weekly picture of it so I could get menu ideas for myself. Before I worked outside of home, 25+ years ago, I used to be good at planning ahead. I must admit that completely flew out the window when I got a job and I never found it again. I’m thinking it’s too late.

  3. Wow. Mine go on a magnet post-it pad on the fridge. Major upgrade from that! But what I have to say is that I think of kids out there who “fend for themselves” at dinnertime or have nothing but junkfood, and am just thankful for all the “yous” out there who care deeply about family dinners.

  4. Very cute idea! I especially loved your comment about the boys “perfecting their gagging skills”. My biggest pet peave is that my kids do the same thing when I do actually cook a decent meal. Yet, they are thrilled with a corn dog or pizza. Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother!

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