My Forgetfulness. It Knows No Bounds.

It’s been evident for quite some time around here – I dunno, probably since shortly after becoming pregnant with Luke? I can’t remember. – that if something isn’t written down, there’s a good chance I’m going to forget it.

I’ll take a risk sometimes, and think of something that I need at the store, and think to myself, “I’m on my way there; I’ll remember it.” 9 times out of 10, I don’t. And that other time? I practically do a happy dance and physically pat myself on the back right there in the store when I DO remember it.

But y’all. My forgetfulness took a terrible turn for the worse this weekend. And this is going to get a tad personal (but not too graphic, I promise), but I’m so, so desperately hoping that someone can relate, or will at least laugh with me.

So I was showering on Saturday afternoon, getting ready for a nice dinner out with Matt and my in-laws that night. And like I do, I shaved my armpits. But.

I discovered that apparently, the day before, I’d only shaved one armpit. That’s right. One. I seriously don’t even know how that’s possible, given that it’s been a daily task for oh, say, the past TWENTY YEARS.

I was immediately relieved to remember that I had been wearing a t-shirt, and not a tank top, yesterday. Sheesh.

So, seriously, people, if I say I’m going to call you and don’t, I’m not blowing you off. I just probably didn’t write it down.

11 responses to “My Forgetfulness. It Knows No Bounds.

  1. Hahaha. . . well, that’s not something you’re going to write yourself a note for so good luck with that one! Although. . . you could keep a checklist in the shower if you find this is a recurring issue. Wash hair (check), shave armpit #1 (check), shave armpit #2 (check). πŸ™‚

    I don’t have kids. . . so I’m not sure what my excuse is for my forgetfulness!!! πŸ™‚

  2. hahaha! Nice work! You’re right I’m very proud to be your sister πŸ™‚

  3. bawahahahaha! That may beat my bra blow out!

  4. Been there. I thought you were going to say you forgot to wash your hair or something – I’ve done that before & got BACK in the shower to finish up. Double sheesh!

  5. I, too, am loving the “shower check list”!!! The shower routine I’ve forgotten more than once–actually, more than twice–is to wash the rinse out of my hair. I don’t know how it happens–since, like every woman w/ 47 things on her mind at once, I depend upon a set routine: wash hair, rinse it out, add “rinse,” wash my face w/ special face wash, & finally, rinse the “rinse” out! But sometimes, when I start drying my hair, I can tell it just feels “slick” & realize I forgot my last step. 😦 However, . . . I’m old enough to have earned my feeble-minded lapses!

  6. Um, I can’t even remember if I’ve shampoo’d my hair or not when I am in the shower. I literally forget while I’m in there. And I have gone out and about with only one shaved leg multiple times. It’s a curse, really.

  7. I forgot to wear deodorant one day. The bad part was I went to a wedding. After dancing, etc. I realized (as I’m sure others did too). A hairy armpit I’d much rather have than a stinky one!

  8. You people are FUNNY! Here’s something you CAN write down so don’t ever have this problem again: make laser hair removal appointment

  9. That is too funny! I have also forgotten to rinse conditioner out of my hair. The bad part is that I didn’t realize it until I was fully dressed, jewelry and all, for work. I tried to do a quick rinse in the sink, but my hair felt really slimy all day!

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