As Long as They Don’t Teach Him How to Say Turquoise, We’ll Be Fine.

Yesterday was Jack Henry’s first day of preschool! I’m so, so happy to report that he did not shed one tear, even though there were a few really sad kiddos in his class (I was worried that this might give him the idea that he should be sad, but nope! All smiles as he sat on the rug waiting for circle time to start).

(and I only cried a tiny bit after I got to the car.)

He’d been asking since Meet the Teachers day last Friday when his first day was, and he woke up really excited yesterday morning. Bennett came up with an idea at breakfast, whispered it to me, and I agreed that it would be cool. Luke joined him, and we brought Jack Henry outside for the big reveal:

Super cute if I do say so myself! It’s encouraging to see them voluntarily do something nice for one another, because trust me, it’s rare.

Anyway, he had a great day at school and was still a smiley face at pickup time. He’s saying he doesn’t want to go tomorrow, but I think he’s going to be fine by drop off time. He literally giggled yesterday as we turned the corner and he could see his school building, so I’m hoping to hear that sweet sound tomorrow again.

I know he’s going to learn so much while he’s there. How to wait his turn and make good choices in the classroom and very basic music theory (yes, I’m serious…our preschool rocks. Literally). And while he already knows all of his colors, I really hope that they don’t correct the mistake he makes with the color turquoise, which he’s called “poison” for a solid year now. I have tried to teach him the right word, but for real, he cannot remember it, and every time he messes it up, it makes me laugh and makes me hope that it takes him a long time to get that right.

And, of course, I’m worried about what he’s going to teach the other kids in his class, particularly those who are nearly a year younger than he is (his September birthday makes him one of the oldest kids in class) and those who are firstborns. Their parents will probably think we’re heathens by the end of the year, but I swear…it’s just because he’s the third that he knows more.

Here’s hoping there’s a kid in his class who likes Mario Kart.

8 responses to “As Long as They Don’t Teach Him How to Say Turquoise, We’ll Be Fine.

  1. That sidewalk message is so cute–sweet Bennett! So happy his 1st day went so well, and I’m sure he’ll be ready again tomorrow! Unbelievable to see the 3 of them at the front door–and they’re ALL going to school! (I didn’t know about JH’s challenge w/ turquoise!)

  2. Such a sweet idea of Bennett to come up with. Jack Henry looks super excited, is he going to MUMC? Paige doesn’t start until after Labor Day, lord give me strength! 🙂

  3. where did poison come from? lol that is funny!!! i couldn’t imagine a 3rd boy….my 2nd knows WAY too much 🙂

  4. My favorite is the sweet picture of JH with the sidewalk chalk creation. And “poison” of course. Classic. Did B teach him that?

  5. I’m fairly certain that he came up with the poison/turquoise mix-up all on his own. I’m guessing it’s the “ois” sound in the middle of both???

  6. And poison is totally the hot color for fall! Pass it on!

  7. that wasn’t YOUR idea?!? wow, bennett still has his bleeding heart 🙂 so sweet! and i think besides the “apple jack” pic of JH with a basket of apples, that is my very favorite pic of him. i just want to eat him!

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