Nothing Says Summer Like…

…a good hammock!

Our little vacation rental had a hammock in the backyard, and my only regret is not spending more time in it while we were there (in my defense, the days were pretty warm; lying in the hammock didn’t sound too appealing until evening). The boys L-O-V-E-D it and every chance they got, they were out there swinging in it. They were even dreaming up places at our house that we could hook one up. Though sadly, none of our trees are close enough together to be able to, and a hammock on a stand just doesn’t have the same charm to me as one strung up between two trees.

Despite the intense heat of the last few days and the inevitable Indian summer that we will still experience, summer, effectively, is over to me, since the kids are back in school. So this was a fun look back at a great summer!

7 responses to “Nothing Says Summer Like…

  1. Did you notice that JH has a left pirate eye in that solo pic of him? Or was that an anomaly?

    • I *think* it was an anomaly…he had some issues with itchy allergy eyes while we were in Colorado, so I’m thinking that is probably what it was. But you know I’m going to be looking for it in pictures now 🙂

  2. Good memories to recall when the snow if blowing this winter.

  3. Do you have a front porch? That’s where ours is! AND…might I add, if you’ll buy one made in Brazil (not rope), it will be MUCH more comfy. That sounds expensive but it truly is not. It’s about 5′ wide and about 10′ long…HUGE, but oh! the kids LOVE it!

  4. We had a hammock (just on a stand) in our back yard when I grew up. I don’t remember using it that often, but this brought back memories of it! I always think they look/sound wonderful in theory, but even assuming they’re in the shade, the weather would have to be perfect for me to lounge there!

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