Summer To-Do: The Recap.

Here was the list to start the summer. Honestly, I failed pretty miserably at getting things accomplished. But I have come to the realization that this dream I have of having more time in the summer is just that: a dream. 3 kids here all day long = no solitary moment to myself unless I’m in the bathroom, and if I’m in the bathroom, I can’t very well be painting the laundry room.

1. Read at least 6 books, 2 of which are not novels. Outcome: Major fail. I did read Black Heels to Tractor Wheels (LOVED it), and I’m currently reading 3 books: Heaven is for Real, Crazy Love, and The Leader in Me. So, like, go me. Three at once. Booyah. I’ll probably be finished with all of them by Christmas.

2. Paint the laundry room walls and cabinets. Change out light fixture. Outcome: Thanks to the boys’ time with Nana Jo, this was accomplished, minus the light fixture. I need to find something good and cheap that I can refinish for that project to happen. In case you don’t believe me, here’s the proof:

i could have cleaned everything off the dryer, but...i didn't feel like it. walls were a boring light yellow; cabinets were oak. i used the same pulls that we put on the cabinets when we bought the house, and spray-painted the hinge hardware to match.

i bought this in january, knowing i'd be painting this room sometime soon. yes, blurry. i was in a hurry.

loved these stickers found on etsy...mounted on clearance hobby lobby frame/hooks that i repainted!

hanger storage art 🙂 and, probably the best picture of the actual color of the room.

Buy those awesome laundry symbols in lots of sizes and colors at the studiojk etsy shop! Thanks to Kelli for emailing them to me!

3. Add Advent calendars to etsy shop. Outcome: I bought a guillotine paper cutter! That’s the first step! And I ordered some supplies…but, uh, no. This didn’t happen.

4. Take the kids to 2 new (to them) St. Louis places: Citygarden and The City Museum. Outcome: CityGarden was really fun!

5. Complete wall art (subway-style featuring words to one of my favorite songs) + mystery project to go with this, which I can’t talk about because Matt reads my blog. Outcome: not started on wall art, mystery project scrapped because of project #8, which is in progress.

6. Complete another mystery project. Outcome: worked on it, but not finished. New deadline: our anniversary in October. I think it’s gonna rock.

7. Paint playroom chandy. Outcome: haven’t touched it. But I’ve thought about it a lot. That counts, right?

8. Decorate our entryway on the cheap…I always see incredible furniture and mirrors that have been painted a funky color, and I want to do this so badly. Outcome: Not only did I find something for FIVE BUCKS, but I’ve turned it into something really cool!

legs removed (even though they were cool, they were unsteady and made the dresser too tall for the space), new knobs, and a lot of paint (this is a true representation of the color). i can't wait to find some cool things for the top of the dresser and the wall above!

amazing storage for all of my flower-making etsy stuff!

9. Huge undertaking: spray painting the shutters. Outcome: COMPLETED! Except we didn’t spray paint, we brushed on the paint. It was a process, but I’m so glad it’s done. And it looks fantastic, along with the new landscaping and lighting, which we did not intend to do this summer, but ended up doing anyway.

it looks so different!

10. Find an old, sturdy, 3-drawer filing cabinet, and redo it. Outcome: Haven’t found one yet.

11. New front and back door trim projects. Outcome: about halfway done with this. I hate mundane, uninteresting crap projects like this.

So, all in all, some progress made, lots to keep working on…but what would I be without a long to-do list?

8 responses to “Summer To-Do: The Recap.

  1. AH! You are reading Crazy Love?! I wrote that down when I saw the movie trailer and was wondering if it was a book! HURRRAH! I’m reserving it at the Library! Thanks!

  2. I think you’ve done pretty darned good. I remember having only a couple things in my mind to accomplish each summer (hope springs SO eternal for teachers!), and even just those couple things often didn’t happen. But you’re so organized; at least you have a solid working list to help remind you what you’re still chipping away at, and that in itself is a plus!

    Your front house & landscaping work + your laundry room = major projects!! They are both amazing!! Also glad I got to see the “new” old dresser for the front hall project (although you said the pic color is a true representation, after seeing it, I think it’s more *teal-ish* than in the pic). That’s going to be a fun project to finish as you find accessories to use.

    I’ve read a lot of Pioneer Woman’s blog excerpts from her Black Heels book but would still like to read the whole thing–do you have it or did you borrow?

    • I borrowed it from Kelli…I know it’s on loan right now to someone, but I’m sure I can get it for you!

      And you’re right…the dresser is more teal in person. That second picture is a horrible representation of the true color!

  3. We took the kids to the City Museum this year. Do not go without another adult. We had quite the time keeping track of the kids since they can climb in somewhere and go up or down and you don’t know where they are going. Plus it’s very dark and some spaces are really tiny. I would suggest a glow necklace/bracelet to help you keep track of them. The place is awesome from a kid’s point of view but a little scary from a parent’s point of view.

  4. Love the laundry room and the chest. Where’s the picture you got for above that chest that you were trying to pull a color from?

  5. looks like you got a lot done to me! love the laundry room color and the dresser! don’t you just love great finds at garage sales or on craigslist?

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