Indoor Campout!

This was Jack Henry this afternoon…

the windows were open with a perfect breeze blowing in! why are children a million times cuter when sleeping? it's a fact.

Napping to get ready for a fun night with his dad and brothers, doing this:

there's not really a tent downstairs, but who cares? this is adorable! i especially love how he signed his name so artfully.

After playing hard for several hours with our small group friends’ kids and showering after we got home, the boys are all downstairs “camping out” in the basement. This is something Matt likes to do with them a couple of times a year, and it makes for great memories for the boys. He’s such a great dad.

Come back Tuesday (er, possibly Wednesday…whenever I get it written) for more on family traditions.

With the boys banished to the basement pretend away having fun, I’m left with a couple of hours to craft things for etsy.

dear family, i am sorry for hijacking our table. we'll be able to eat here together again someday. not sure yet when that will be. love, mom

Hope you’re all having a great, relaxing, end-of-summer weekend!

5 responses to “Indoor Campout!

  1. What a fun Labor Day Eve!! Jack’s signed drawing = cutest ever!! Can’t wait to hear how the “campout” went!

  2. I just love “potato people” drawings! Lucas & Morgan both drew people that way. Blake is the opposite – extra looooong legs & sometimes no arms. We had our tent up in our basement for several weeks 2 years ago. Love that kind of memory-making stuff. PS: I want your paper cutter!

  3. Very cute – Love Jack’s drawing – I think you need to make his name into wall art in his room!!! Super Cute!

  4. i just love that you guys do this! and yes–JH looks super snuggly in that pic!

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