Three Trees

So remember last spring, when I planted our first container garden on the deck? Here’s what it looked like the day we got it all started.

the beginning...note the tiny purple pots.

Let’s just say I learned a lot this year about what is going to work, the kind of containers I need, the kind of soil I need, etc. Like this year, I want to keep it natural again next year (not necessarily organic, as that’s considerably more expensive). We did have a lovely harvest of jalapeno peppers (still going strong), cilantro (early on), lots of basil (but is there ever really enough? I’ll plant more next year.), a few tomatoes, tons of chives, and some very small onions.

Bennett also asked me if they could plant some trees from the maple-tree helicopters in our yard, and I said sure. I used 3 of the tiny containers my herbs came in to plant several helicopter seeds in each of the pots.

Of course, they sprouted right away, and eventually, we thinned them down to one per pot.

It was a fun little science experiment for the boys, watching something grow from seed. Since someone was out there watering them along with the rest of our garden every day, they grew pretty well.

So I transplanted them to slightly bigger pots, thinking, “as soon as it really gets hot outside, these things will be goners.”

And then it got hot, and they kept growing and growing and growing.

I’ve just finished transplanting them again, and this time, I added stakes (er, thick dowel rods…I’m trying to do this on the cheap) to keep them upright. Naturally, the boys are all fighting over whose is whose and acting like they have something to do (other than watering them) with one being taller than the other.

This little experiment has gone on much longer than I’d planned, but we’re invested now…and scouting out places in the yard to transplant these babies sometime (next spring? In 2 years?), after they spend the winter indoors. We only have room for 1 or 2, so the other will be given away to a lucky family member who wants it!

The things we do for our kids…

6 responses to “Three Trees

  1. Are those silver maples?

  2. Rich would be jealous! He plants every seedling he sees hoping to find a winner we can plan in our yard! I was going to ask for one until I read the boys each “own” one. Would JH share? 🙂

    • I rip seedlings out of our yard and landscaping all the time, but now I’ll think of Rich when I do! It would be fun for one of our trees to end up in your yard! 🙂

  3. I didn’t know about these baby trees since I pretty much missed summer at your house this year! I’d never have imagined this kind of progress, esp w/ the horribly hot months! How fun for the boys!

  4. I love that your boys and you plant items from seedlings. The only advice I can give about the helicopter tree.. is to plant it away from your gutters, otherwise you will be cleaning them often – I am learning this s.l.o.w.l.y from experience! ; )

    • Ha! You’re right…our first house had those seedlings sprouting EVERYWHERE, including the gutters! Annoying. Thanks for the reminder…I think we’re putting one in the front yard, so it shouldn’t ever reach the gutters there 🙂

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