Hodge Podge

Just some bullet points:

*Fall TV starts soon! What will you be watching??

*I don’t really enjoy giving my boys haircuts. However, it comes down to math. A very conservative estimate per hair cut would be $12 x 3 = $36 + $6 tip = $42 x 9 (times a year) = $378. Now, add in Matt’s haircuts (which I don’t mind – his is super easy), which I give him about every two weeks, and that’s another $375 easily (to keep it up as often as we do). So home haircutting = $658 in savings per year. That does it…I’m buying a new pair of shoes. (And, I will keep repeating to myself that it’s stuff like this that helps me be able to stay home.)

*The new pair of shoes is for a gala (squeal!) that I get to attend in November. I have a dress that I’m recycling from another event, but I need a kicky new pair of heels.

*Those heels will hopefully be procured on my Chicago trip with her and her (and our friend Sherri who doesn’t blog, but minus our friend Kelly, who’s having a baby in 8 weeks), now just 2 weeks away. Can.not. wait.

Moving on from that stream of consciousness.

*Tomorrow, we get to meet our new niece Claire Nicole, and see Calla as a big sister! So excited.

*I figured out a way, thanks to Martha Stewart, to hang our wreath on the new front door without doing any damage to it. You’ll have to trust me that it’s awesome, because it’s dark and I’m not taking a picture right now. It’s daytime! Here are pictures:

*It’s almost time to plant bulbs, which means I’m going to be digging into the new landscaping a bit. Yikes.

*It’s already scarf-wearing time, which makes me happy times 10.

*Some Christmas things are in the etsy shop! Advent calendars and Christmas card displays. And not for Christmas, but adorable if I do say so myself? This hat. And the cutie models. In other etsy-type news: I’m doing two vendor fairs this November. Totally nervous already.

*I was the mystery reader today in Bennett’s class, and I wish I could have bottled the hug he gave me when he came in the room from recess and saw that the mystery reader was me. So sweet.

*Anyone else love the show “Chopped?” Matt and I are borderline obsessed. In fact, tonight, as I was putting dinner together, he asked, “Is this your food that’s been plated?” Totally not kidding.

OK…I’m out.

8 responses to “Hodge Podge

  1. HA! Chopped is Paige and my mom’s “show” they watch together when she spends the night! 🙂 It stresses me out!
    Shows I’m watching: Modern family, parenthood, Glee, and I can’t even remember the rest of my lineup, but that’s a start! PS: I so wish I could be your helper at those fairs. boo hoo

  2. We, too, have been obsessed w/ Chopped for some time! Just this week I resurrected an old casserole recipe that I haven’t made in years. After a couple bites I commented that it wasn’t as tasty as I’d remembered. Tom asked me if I ever thought about what the Chopped judges would say to me. I said, No, I hadn’t until that moment when he brought it up. Sigh. I don’t think any of us thought it was TV worthy!

    • For this reason, I’m glad my kids haven’t seen it much! I read about having a Chopped competition at home with friends, which sounds really fun and like something my siblings might participate in with us!

  3. We love Chopped as well. And would love to take down a group of siblings in a Chopped Challenge… I only say that because Michon is on my side, she’ll have to actually back up my smack talk.

  4. I cannot WAIT to watch Parenthood. That show along with Grey’s Anatomy are two of my favorites. I’m sure we’ll watch The Office, just out of curiosity to see if it can live or die without Steve Carrell. And thank you for the haircut breakdown so I can see what we are throwing away annually. And how many pairs of shoes I could buy with that money. Ahem.

  5. Like Chopped. Love new shoes. What vendor fairs are you doing? Ok, I’m out :).

  6. Have fun on your girls trip. I can never overstate how much those are needed. Enjoy Claire & Calla! And I love the wreath too.

  7. My boys have never had a professional haircut. Darren has had one since we’ve been married and I had to fix it as soon as he got home! I’ll have to tell him how much money I’ve been saving us:)

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