An Investment in Our Family’s Future Entertainment.

I’ll just come right out and say it: I hate school pictures. They’re stiff and staged and generally, don’t show a kid’s true personality. And the backgrounds are just hideous.


You wanna know what’s hilarious? Getting together with your siblings, as adults, and looking through everyone’s school pictures year by year. And we want to give our kids that opportunity, to make fun of each other and themselves in years to come.

Because I would feel like a horrible parent if I didn’t buy some school pictures, Matt and I discussed it and we’re getting the cheapest package there is, which is literally 6 pictures of each kid (so far, our kids have never swapped pictures with classmates, and we’re 4 years and 2 elementary schools into this, so I’m feeling pretty secure about not buying 87 wallets) + a class picture (also very fun in the future). So we’ll have record of each year in an album, but none for the wall, which I wouldn’t put up anyway.

To make it even more fun, I let the boys choose the background they wanted. In the past, I’ve picked it, going for something as tame as possible, but not this year. This year, each of them has chosen the red laser background, which goes with a half-body pose instead of a head shot. I didn’t even try to talk them out of it…I just let them pick.

I figure it’s going to make 15 years from now even funnier and more awkward.

And for a really funny read on school pictures, go over to Are We There Yet? Hilarious.

PS…a little “Picture Morning 2011” update. I forgot to set my alarm. I woke up in time, as Bennett was already awake and he is NOT quiet in the morning. Or any other time of day for that matter. But I digress. The morning was crazy. B decided he did, in fact, want to take his lunch instead of giving me my one-day-a-week reprieve from lunch making (something about the sides being offered with the pizza not being acceptable? Grr.). A new policy was established this morning, stating that Tuesdays are eat-at-school days UNLESS the head chef has been notified the day before.

It’s 7:30am. Things can only go up from here.

11 responses to “An Investment in Our Family’s Future Entertainment.

  1. Laughing out loud for sure…about that red-laser background! Do they still have the multi-colored lasers? I remember that being soooo cool. You know we all want to see the boys’ school pics when they come in!

  2. I do the same thing! Last year Lucas had bright green background & Morgan had neon purple – which goes with everything, right? I haven’t swayed them the past several years & cannot WAIT for them to look back at them in 20 years. đŸ™‚

  3. i think you’ll have to show us those pictures when they come in!

  4. Our local parish was putting together a parish directory. We went for the obligatory “setting” and took the photo. It came out, as expected….”fair”. They photographer’s repesentative was trying to upsell us into a FULL Package – that offered enhanced color, air brushing and some photoshop work. (Wow! I didn’t think we looked that bad.) Total Package – $335!

    Lots of pressure, but we knew going in, we weren’t going to get any of the packages.

    As we left the parish hall (with seven other famiy’s waiting for their photo session) the representative yelled at us, “That’s okay, not everyone can afford this!!!”

    My wife and I just laughed! I appreciated the salepersons effort to get a sale, no matter what the cost.

  5. Laser backgrounds? I must see this!

  6. HA! Nicole, what a fun idea! I’m totally letting the boys pick their own backgrounds next time. You guys are such a fun family. I love it!

  7. jastin and i were JUST talking about this. and instead of opting out of pictures for adali, we will let her experience it and use them in a fun way in the future. but i mean really…with all of the advances in photography you would think this process would have changed since we were in school. but i still have my laser pic (5th grade) and love looking back at it.

  8. Now this is a way to make lemonade out of lemons. I can see you all rolling while looking at these pictures 10, 20, 30 years from now and for the rest of your lives. Bravo, mama!

    PS: Have you considered letting them pose with their light sabers? Might be a nice contrast with the red.

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