Happy 4th Birthday, Jack Henry!

A couple of weeks ago, on a rainy Friday morning, Jack Henry and I headed out to run a quick errand and then grab a burger at the place of his choice: McDonald’s.

While we were sitting there having lunch, he commented on something being “totawwy wame.” And it hit me: by his next birthday, everyone in our family will likely be able to pronounce all of their letter sounds. And hearing your kid call something “wame” is way cuter than hearing him say “lame.”


He’s 4. FOUR. Four years ago right now (10am as I started writing this), I was willing my contractions, aided by pitocin, to pick up the pace, and 2 hours later, begging for mercy in the form of an anesthesiologist with a giant epidural needle. And by 6pm-ish (I always thought moms were supposed to remember all the tiny details of each birth…time, weight, length, etc…but the fact is, I forget all the time), I was holding the cutest baby in my arms – and easily the roundest and darkest-skinned-and-haired of all our boys.

He loves matchbox cars and playing the Leapster and the Wii. He likes to paint and color and play playdoh and baseball. He’s learning how to write “Henry” as part of his name, and how to do Lite Brite and these awesome mosaics (thanks, Karen and family!) by himself. He is constantly talking, and often coming up with new, funny things.

We had his party yesterday, and of course, had to prep him on appropriate reactions to presents. And he did great on all of them except one from us, which he took one look at and said, “Oh, I didn’t want this,” thinking it was clothes. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s been his favorite gift thus far! It’s a superhero kit with a cape, armbands and a mask, and it’s got his initial on the back.

His reactions to his presents were adorable…here’s a quick glimpse of one:

And a few quick pics:

We’ll round out his actual birthday today with a trip to McAlister’s (his choice) for dinner, and the use of a Living Social deal for frozen yogurt that will otherwise expire this week. I think he’ll say it was a good celebration.

In case you’re interested in a walk down memory lane, here’s three, two, and one.

8 responses to “Happy 4th Birthday, Jack Henry!

  1. happy 4th birthday, jack henry!!! we love you! that video is absolutely hysterical! love, aunt heidi, uncle jeff, lucy, and rockit!

  2. happy birthday JH! looks like it was a good one.

  3. HAPPY birthday super hero! Glad you thoroughly enjoyed it!

  4. I LOVE THE VIDEO! I love that a kid can be enthusiastic about a gift card AND even when he doesn’t know where it’s from! What a cutie. 🙂 Happy birthday, Jack Henry!

  5. i’m loving the superhero cape. happy birthday to jh!

  6. Happy Birthday one day removed JH!

  7. A big kid who still loves Word World! Gotta love that….and I’d love to hear him say it. Even I have trouble.

  8. I’m late w/ my message since I was out of town, but I still wanted to add my b.d wishes to the blog! The party was great! Thank heavens there are always new movies–like Cars 2–coming out so that there are “new” fun things for JH to get–and he’s old enough that all the boys can enjoy each other’s gifts!

    Loved looking back at his 1st 3 b.d. blogs too–even though they make him seem totally “big boy” now! 😦 Like you, I’m still clinging to any “cute little toddler” he’s got left in him!!

    Happy 4th BD, Jack Henry! It’s going to be another fun year!

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