On Labor Day, we took the boys out for breakfast as per usual on bank/school holidays. We followed that up with a quick trip to Laumeier Sculpture Park in Sunset Hills for a look at the art and a place to run free.

While there, we visited Eye, because, how can you not. We snapped a quick picture of the boys there with it:

they all look kind of weird here, but whatever.

This might be a good time to tell you that I don’t really *get* a lot of art. Like, I’m sorry, but setting four rocks in a line does not make it art. In my humble, non-artist opinion.

Moving on.

We also took a few pictures at other favorites, including this one, which is made out of old tanker trucks:

And this one, that I really love, and noticed immediately after the picture that we were not, in fact, supposed to be climbing in it, as it’s having a structural issue. Oops.

Fast-forward to last Thursday at Jack Henry’s preschool. It was their annual “Fall Walk to the Park” day, and I got to join JH and his class on a short trek to a tiny nearby park. I love this day, and this was the first time I didn’t have to push a stroller through the not-smooth terrain, so it was even more enjoyable than it’s ever been.

On the way over to the park, the kids were all carrying little paper bags that they’d decorated, so that they could pick up treasures they come across, like leaves and berries and rocks and sticks. You know, stuff you want to bring home with you. On Jack Henry’s bag, I noticed his drawing looked kind of familiar…and he confirmed that it was, in fact, the giant eyeball at Laumeier.

See for yourself.

I think he could have a future in art.

7 responses to “Eyeballs.

  1. Or it’s a picture of Mike Wasowski (sp) again a great pic of an eye.

  2. I think it’s so cool that JH just happened to think of that eyeball to draw on his bag!! He just may bring some class to your household of males! That pic of the boys in the “boxes” is fun!

  3. JH gets art. He’s going to give you a run for your money, lady.

  4. So cute!

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