1. I’ve lived here twelve years and never been to The Pageant. Until last night, that is. My sister and I went to see Matt Nathanson and it was so, so good. He is incredibly entertaining and sang everything I wanted to hear except one song. In addition to his own stuff, he played parts of so many fun songs from other artists that the audience could sing along to. Plus, The Pageant is incredible. And free parking? Sometimes I forget how awesome this city is.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the opening act, Scars on 45, making their first appearance on Matt’s tour. I fully expected to be feeling like “let’s get this over with so we can see Matt,” and that was not at all how I felt. They were amazing, and very much reminded me of Oasis or other bands from my college days. Give them a listen here and here, for a song from Grey’s Anatomy.

2. Moving on to something less interesting than a concert in an awesome venue, but given that I am a SAHM, this is more like my real life: these biscuits have changed my life.

3. If you get fever blisters, as I have since I was about 12, you know how painful and gross and ugly they are. I’ve been taking L-Lysine (an essential amino acid) since college when I get one, and I seriously think it does a better job at cutting them short than any other remedy I’ve tried (and believe me, I’ve tried everything). But after reading this article, I think I’m going to just take one Lysine a day all the time, which I’ve never done, to see if it cuts down on the number of fever blisters I get. Just thought I’d throw that out there for any of you who also suffer from these.

4. If you haven’t signed up for Ebates yet, now would be a great time, with holiday shopping coming up! When you sign up using this link, you and I both get $5 credited to our accounts when you make your first $25 purchase. This is no joke – I’ve described how it works here, and since last fall, I’ve earned $219. Cash. Sent to my Paypal account or via a check.

5. There’s a big flap over this photo of Christina Aguilera…


…and for good reason.

No, I’m not criticizing her, as Kelly Osborne has, for her weight gain. It should come as no surprise that she’s not a size 0 anymore…she’s had a baby, been through a divorce, and hey, she’s in her thirties now. Not excuses; just reality…if she wants to be tiny, the work is different and harder now than it was 10 years ago. Good for her for having the confidence to wear whatever she wants. But I have to think that it hurts her feelings when people talk about her being fat.

So Christina, a bit of unsolicited advice: fire your horrific stylist. Get someone in your camp who knows how to dress your body for what it is now. You can still look hot when you’re not wearing hot pants. In fact, you’d look hotter if you were wearing pretty much anything else. I only watched “The Voice” a couple of times last spring, but every time I did, I thought, “Why is no one telling Christina that she shouldn’t dress like that anymore?”

6. I don’t watch many shows, but I am loving “New Girl.” Zooey Deschanel is weird and funny.

7. Go Cardinals!!

5 responses to “Miscellany

  1. First, I have NEVER been to the Pageant and I can walk to it from where I live. So I have no excuse. Heard it’s a wonderful venue from M. Greene who can also walk to it :).

    Second, I too have taken L-Lysine for years. Eat the stuff like candy (gross,
    I know). Nicole, our similarities are beginning to scare me. May have to start looking under furniture for the other two boys who should be here…lol

    Finally, I’m with you on your advice to Christina. If I had enough money for a stylist to dress me like that, I’d fire her straight away!

  2. you ARE loving new girl? Cool! Me too!

  3. Oh I am so glad you said that about Christina. I thought the same thing and literally said that exact same phrase when I watched the voice. How can people not tell her, “honey….no”.

    I don’t think she’s fat. I think she’s normal. And I like that. Just…not in hot pants.

  4. P.S. Ok, I tried making those biscuits and I was totally crushed and disappointed. I’m going to try them again but I have GOT to be doing something wrong!

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