With Some Therapy, I Think He’ll Get Over This.

As is standard practice in our house, both boys chose baseball when given their fall sports choices. No one really cares about soccer here, which is practically a sacrilege in St. Louis, but so be it.

We went with a new league, slightly closer to home, which meant new teams for each of them. This wasn’t a problem for either of them…thankfully, they both like to play ball so much that stuff like that doesn’t really matter to them (though, thankfully, I do think they both now have been hooked up with good teams to stick with!).

However, the way it works is that it’s generally teams who are together from the summer who just add a couple of players to the existing roster when there’s room. So those kids already have uniforms and hats that match each other. When ordered in bulk for a team, there’s a big discount; when ordering just a few, as was the case with each of the boys’ teams, the shirts run like $25 a piece (plus, the option to buy a hat was there, too). Ouch, since it’s like a 10-game season and over in 4 weeks’ time.

For Luke, we bought the shirt; there was no other choice. Fine. But for Bennett, whose league is a bit more relaxed, the manager sent an email saying, “If you want to order the shirt, let me know, but if you just want to get a green tee and put the kids’ name/number on the back, that’s totally fine, too.”

So, my crafty wheels started turning, and I decided, what the heck, I’ll just make him a shirt. With a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, I had everything I needed: a green tee (about $1.50) and iron-on numbers and letters (about $5).

It turned out well!


He was the only kid on the team without the team shirt. Groan.

not good quality, but obviously, one of these things is not like the other.

Luckily, he seemed to not at all be bothered by it (here’s hoping this isn’t one of those things that comes up later in life, when he refuses to conform to something he should), and he had a fantastic season. He’s just there to play the game, after all.

2 responses to “With Some Therapy, I Think He’ll Get Over This.

  1. Sports are a new thing here in the Nevil household. We just entered the world of t-ball for the first time. It was pretty fun! I think you are right…no biggie on the shirt. And way to be creative!

  2. I think you should make t’s for the whole team!

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