School Picture Update!

Please pardon my lack of posting lately…first of all, the Cardinals are blissfully stealing much of my time.  Cannot believe the game 6 WIN last night!  Additionally, I’m trying to get ready for a couple of small vendor fairs I’m doing in November, and since I’ve never done one, I have no idea how much stuff to prepare…

As discussed previously, we are now of the mind that buying school pictures is an investment in our family’s future entertainment.

So when the boys’ pictures came back pretty normal, I have to admit I was just slightly disappointed. I mean, I think we’ll crack up at the pose and the background, but they look ok.

this is a good bennett smile.


second shirt of the morning, as the first got a little bit of toothpaste on it. i should have just left it.

6 responses to “School Picture Update!

  1. I thought school pictures were just head shots. I guess this changed since I was in school.

  2. That background is kinda groovy, man. (Are you as tired as I am today? These games are killing me! But I love it.)

  3. They both did great! I really like the poses!

  4. I love the cool red background! HA!

  5. Both the boys took great pictures! And the red background isn’t as ‘laser-y’ as I’d imagined it would be…that’s good and bad I guess!

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