Compassion: Ecuador

You all know how much I love Compassion International, and the way they help children in poverty all over the world.

It’s almost time for another Compassion Bloggers’ trip, this time to Ecuador.

I’ll be following Shaun and Sophie at BooMama, whose updates I can.not. wait for. Please join me in praying for their safety while traveling!

The Christmas season is the perfect time to choose a child to sponsor…just look at these sweet faces, waiting for someone like YOU to help give them a chance at an education, exposure to the gospel, and a way out of the poverty they live in.

Benjamin. He's been waiting more than 6 months for a sponsor.

Or Greydis. Also waiting more than 6 months.

Here are the details:
-$38/month + gifts at Christmas and birthday, if you choose
-commit to writing several letters/year so that you can get to know your sponsored child
-pray for him/her

You can search the Compassion website for a child that would be a good fit for your family. Our two sponsored boys share our two oldest boys’ birthdays.

Sponsoring Jeremy and Joangel has really helped open our boys’ eyes to needs that are so much greater than their own. For instance, one of the boys wrote to us, asking us to pray for jobs in the Dominican Republic, where both of them happen to live. That this is a child’s request is so telling about their situation. And my boys get that, and they pray for that almost every night.

Not something that EVER would have been on our radar except through Compassion. Go on…check it out!

One response to “Compassion: Ecuador

  1. Thanks to you writing about Compassion Int’l, we’ve been sponsoring Edward from Tanzania for 3 yrs now this month! I’m not the world’s best at getting letters written as often as I should, but I just LOVE getting letters from Edward, esp when he encloses pictures he’s drawn or photos of his family & himself. These kids have SO LITTLE; it’s very humbling to contribute to their lives. I never thought of asking Edward directly what I could specifically pray about for him, but I will the next time I write!

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