The St. Louis Bucket List

I love this city. There’s so much to see and do and eat that I know we’ll never get it all done.


But, I thought it would be fun to compile a bucket list for St. Louis. I’ll start it with my list, and you all add yours in the comments section, since I won’t be able to come up with all of them myself. When the list is complete, I’ll give this post + a couple of others that are uniquely St. Louis their own tab at the top of the page, so if you’re new here, visiting, or just looking for things to do locally, you’ll have a resource!

Make sure your suggestions are St. Louis institutions…real “can’t miss” things.

Things I’ve already done I’m putting in italics.

1. Dinner on The Hill
2. Dessert at Ted Drewes
3. Fitz’s…the food is fine, but seeing the bottling plant and drinking a root beer there is fun for kids!
4. Crown Candy Kitchen
5. Forest Park Boathouse
6. Gus’s Pretzels (I’ve never had them fresh from the shop)
7. Dad’s Oatmeal Cookies (available at Gus’s Pretzels)
8. Imo’s Pizza*

Places to Go:
1. A Cardinals game at Busch Stadium
2. A Rams game at the Dome
3a. Ride to the top of The Gateway Arch
3b. Tour the Museum of Westward Expansion (beneath the Arch)
4a. St. Louis Zoo
4b. St. Louis Zoo at Christmas time
5. Missouri Botanical Gardens
6. Concert at Riverport or whatever dumb name it has now
7. Concert at Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room
8. Concert at The Pageant
9. Missouri History Museum
10. St. Louis Art Museum
11. Tour the Brewery
12. Take kids to the Magic House
13. Shop Main Street in St. Charles
14. Drive through Candy Cane Lane at Christmas time
15. Drive through Tilles Park at Christmas time (my kids haven’t done this yet, so I’m leaving it unitalicized!) or better yet, ride through on a carriage
16. St. Louis Science Center
17. Cathedral Basilica
18. Grant’s Farm
19. City Museum (I’ve been but the kids haven’t)
20. CityGarden
21. See a show at The Muny
22. Transportation Museum (with kids)
23. Visit the wineries
24. Rent paddleboats at Forest Park
25. Go sledding on Art Hill
26. Drive the Great River Road in the winter to see the eagles
27. See a show at the Fabulous Fox Theater
28. Elephant Rocks (a bit outside St. Louis)
29. Johnson’s Shut-Ins (again, a bit outside St. Louis, but tons of people visit here from the area!)
30. Tour the Lemp Mansion
31. Pick apples/strawberries/peaches/whatever’s in season at Eckert’s (I prefer Belleville, but there are other locations)
32. Shakespeare in the Park at Forest Park in June
33. Six Flags
34. Drive through Lone Elk Park
35. Bike the Katy Trail
36. Walk the Chain of Rocks Bridge

1. Forest Park
2. Laumeier Sculpture Park
3. Faust Park and the Butterfly House
4. Castlewood State Park (but for the love, stay out of the river and the creeks there!)
5. Suson Park/Farm (my kids’ preschool field trip goes here, but I’ve never been)

Leave me your suggestions in the comments!

*Yes, yes, it’s a St. Louis institution, and Kelly is right: it should be on the list. However, you won’t find me there. 🙂

20 responses to “The St. Louis Bucket List

  1. Technically not St. Louis…but,
    the Cahokia Mounds Musuem
    Lewis and Clark Museum (just north of MS river and 270 (Alton)
    Horse racing at Fairmont Park

  2. Ive always wanted to take the kids on a riverboat cruise.

  3. i will think of more i’m sure but…see a show (or concert) at the Fabulous Fox.

  4. Wow – this makes me want to move back so badly. 😦 We loved living there and I miss it so much! Maybe I should do a Madison bucket list to force me to think about the good things about living here too. 🙂 But, I think St. Louis will forever be my favorite place to live!

  5. Elephant Rocks and Johnson Shut-ins! Two places I cannot wait to take our boys! I’m loving this list and I’m so excited you’ll have a tab for it on your blog. Way cool idea Nicole.

  6. I’ve always wanted to visit the Lemp Mansion (because I like all that ghost and creepy stuff), but it has a rich St. Louis history as well. For food, I’d add Gus’s Pretzels (though I must say Pretzel Boy’s in Des Peres is giving them a good run for their money) and Dad’s Oatmeal Cookies (which you can conveniently get at Gus’s). And I know how you feel about Imo’s, but it really can NOT be a St. Louis Bucket list without it.

  7. Love this list! 🙂
    What about Six Flags and driving through Lone Elk Park? I will definitely have to think on this to add more!

  8. Shakespeare in the Park in Forest Park was one of my favorite activities in June!

  9. My kids love Incredible Pizza, Ozzie’s, and Pujols 5 restaurants. Walking the chain of rocks bridge was fun too.

  10. Ok, so I know I keep commenting, but I keep thinking of more things! I never did this, but the Balloon Glow is kind of a big deal, right?

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