Time Change: So I Remember for Next Year

I sincerely thought that we’d be past the time change having a major effect on anyone in our household. After all, for the record, the boys are 4, 6.5, and 8.5. This should not be bad.

And yet, it is.

The 4 year old, who only took naps about twice a week, now hasn’t napped in at least 7 days, and it shows. Thankfully, though, he’s going to bed pretty easily and sleeping until 6:45 most days. Completely tolerable.

The 8.5 year old seems primarily unaffected. I still think he could use a bit more sleep, but there is nothing really problematic going on, so to speak.

But the 6 year old…oh, the 6 year old.

Not falling asleep easily at night.

First one up in the morning, by 6:10 every day.

No volume control. None. For the 4th day in a row, the first thing I’ve had to do in the morning is remind him that the rest of the family is still asleep, so can he please be quiet. And it continues on through the parts of the day that he’s with me. (Also, God bless his sweet teacher…I can only hope he’s got his volume under control there.)

Lack of self-control, as in hitting a brother when he loses a game (typically not EVER an issue with him).

Tonight is also a full moon. Typically not one to worry about such things, let’s just say I’m bracing myself. And chilling a bottle of wine.

9 responses to “Time Change: So I Remember for Next Year

  1. Gosh, I’m surprised B’s having trouble falling asleep at night after being up so early. 😦 And as I’m writing this, I’m hoping that JH is napping for a change. All this, too, shall pass.

  2. I was never a “full-moon” believer either until I got into the schools as a teacher… and holy cow, things were always worse. Isaac has also been more challenging this week which tends to happen around the full moon times too. It’s crazy! Oh kids.

    (I have a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge too, ha!)

  3. Maybe it’s the age. My 6 year old has been quite the challenge this week and also has no volume control. The almost 9 year old has had no problems this week. Can you believe we are going to have 9 year olds next month? How is that possible when I am still only 25?

  4. Great plan!

  5. I’ve got a few kids here that are easy to weep or punch of an evening. “Movie night” is in order tonight. My popcorn will have a side of beer or wine.

  6. PS: Love the new header pic!

  7. Child #2 here is struggling with the time change too! Poor girl has dark circles under her eyes. I pointed them out to her (am I mean?) and told her she has them because she is NOT SLEEPING ENOUGH!!

  8. Full moon + time change has my sitter telling me each day that Katie has been a little “difficult.” which i already knew. 🙂

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