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We have these giant built-ins on either side of our fireplace, and while the space to display stuff is handy, because I don’t like a bunch of meaningless tchotchkes, filling the space is difficult for me. I want things that go on display in our home to be both beautiful and meaningful.

Therefore, it will likely take me until I’m 90 to fill these shelves.

I pin all sorts of lovely things to Pinterest regarding what to do with boring bookshelves, and my favorite idea is some sort of backing that’s different, like a different color of paint, or maybe even wallpaper (but ONLY put up using some kind of 3M tacky stuff…I’d NEVER actually wallpaper the wall).

Here’s some inspiration:



I’m not afraid of paint, so you might be thinking, “Why doesn’t she just do this?” Well, this room is due for new furniture in the next year or two. Additionally, the color that was painted in this room right before we moved in turned out too light…and because it’s throughout so much of the house, changing it would be a big undertaking.

So I feel like I’m in a bit of a holding pattern.

However, today, I got one little teensy project done. I finally actually like one shelf in the set of 12 (well, there is one other one that I kinda like, but I don’t have a picture of it).

It contains, L to R:
-An old jar that will someday be filled like the jar on the right (probably with sand from a beach)
-Family picture of our trip to Lake Michigan, at Oval Beach, with our sandcastle
-Giant flat rock the boys found at the beach and used to make a sandcastle bridge (so the rock is in the picture as well)
-Hourglass, just because I like them
-Framed antique flashcard, found on our Nashville trip
-Old jar full of Lake Michigan rocks, inspiration from The Inspired Room, tag to be rewritten because holy cow, that’s bold writing.

So there you have it! (and no worries; I’m not going to post a picture of every shelf as I finish it!)

4 responses to “1 of 12

  1. i learned a new thing today: how to spell tchotchkes.

  2. Go ahead and post the other 11 throughout the years. Now you have me curiouis.

  3. Um, yeah. I put a fraction of the thought into stuff I throw on my shelves. And it shows. So – keep the inspiration coming!

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