In a month where everyone’s posting to Facebook what they’re thankful for, I have to record this one:

I’m thankful that my family is gracious about the giant mess my etsy shop is making all over our house. I guess, technically, I am the messy one, and not the shop, but right now, we kinda go together.

We can’t eat at the table because it’s full of stuff. And part of the living room floor has been encroached upon, too, with another portion devoted solely to clean laundry that’s in the process of being folded. Oh, also, there’s that other portion that’s for dirty laundry, too. Wade through, kids, and sit on the couches. It’ll all be fine.

Thursday and Sunday of this coming week, I’m doing something new that is making me *slightly* nervous: I’m doing 2 vendor fairs. One is just up at the boys’ school during conference time, so it’s pretty small. But it was free…and I can’t pass up getting my name out there for free! The other is a Holiday Vendor Fair in the south St. Louis suburbs (Oakville for you locals).

Obviously, I’d love for these to be a good use of my time!

In the meantime, this week, I’m thankful that I preplanned our menu, so that my family can eat something more than grilled cheese all week. I’m thankful for a supportive husband, who never bats an eye at the craziness going on here.

Caffeine. Caffeine should get a nod of thankfulness, too, as should that comfy bed of mine that I’m spending too little time in these days. And my sweet boys, who just go with the flow.

OK…off to glue some stuff.

4 responses to “Messy.

  1. Congrats on the fairs! I think the one at the school is a very cool idea. The weeks leading up to those fairs are frantic for me. I cannot wait to hear all about them. Good luck!

    I might be asking you how you get your husband to never bat an eye… lol.

  2. good luck! your stuff is so cute so i’m sure you’ll sell a ton.

  3. Yeah good luck! I’m SURE it will be an exciting success!

  4. I can’t wait to hear how both of the fairs go & sure hope you feel good about your results! It sounds exciting but nerve-racking to get your feet wet in this arena! You’re organized enough that I’m sure the 4 males will do just fine while you’re busy this week & gone for the fairs.

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