Some Good News for a Change.

The news is just chock-full of evidence of the evil that exists in mankind. It’s horrific and infuriating and gut-wrenching, and I’ll never understand it.

So, for a change of pace from all of the nastiness you’ve heard about in the media this past 10 days or so, I bring you something beautiful and wonderful and amazing.

It’s the story my friend Laurie (remember, I got to meet her In Real Life last spring?) has been telling on her blog.

It’s the story of their new daughter, Joya, who still currently living in China, but will hopefully be joining their family in the next several months.

She’s broken the story into five parts. Grab some tissues, and get ready for a great story. (Hint: until they had their placement, their 4 boys had been referring to the unknown baby girl who would be joining their family as Mrs. Nesbit, from Toy Story!) Here are the links:






One response to “Some Good News for a Change.

  1. Wow. You flatter me. But really, we’ll flatter God together, because He wrote the story. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it with me.

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