Today, Luke brought his journal home from school. Sometimes he just writes what he wants, and sometimes his teacher gives him a writing prompt. She checks in with his writing in the journal periodically and leaves him notes in response.

To say that I was shocked by what I found in there would be an understatement. With his permission, I’m sharing this entry from 9.12.11…

Jackson Henry is my brother. I love him so much. Whenever I get home, he almost always greets me and wants me to play with him. He dosen’t sleep with me but he is right across from my room. The only thing I don’t like about him is he always makes noises in the night.* Usually, he wants to play with me and my brother Bennett. He’s only three, but still very kind and caring.

I don’t mean to be overly dramatic, but this made tears come to my eyes. I have high hopes for these three boys of mine to be best friends when they grow up, but there’s so much squabbling and bickering on a daily basis at this stage that the reminder right now that they love each other was pretty overwhelming.

I literally read this an hour after I said that if one of them punched the other again (right now, this is an issue between Bennett and Jack Henry, primarily), they were grounded from the Wii for a week AND they had to spend after-school playtime every single day of that week doing extra cleaning jobs around the house.

So to get such a lovely reminder of the bond that they already share was encouraging.

PS…no one punched someone else in the 4 hours of awake-time that remained after the threat. A tiny victory.

*If JH happens to take an afternoon nap, he occasionally lays in his bed that night and talks loudly to himself…the older boys don’t appreciate this much.

7 responses to “Unexpected.

  1. Awwww . . . this is the best! In spite of the day-to-day squabbling, I know your boys will always be super close! Their bickering is so totally normal & expected, and the evidence of them being best buddies is SO MUCH more noticeable!

    Whew–SO glad you didn’t have to carry out that threat!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes, too. It has to feel so good to read that.

  3. so incredibly sweet 🙂

  4. Have you read “Going Public” by David and Kelly Pritchard? An excellent book that I highly recommend. We took a bunch of really good ideas from it and one is that when two siblings aren’t getting along, they must hold hands (we make them sit on the bottom step of our stairwell) until they get back into fellowship. If they can’t get along holding hands, then they sit cheek to cheek. It is amazing how it works. My instinct is to separate fighting kids, but this works so much better. Usually, they’re giggling within five minutes.

    Sweet journal entry for sure!

    • I have read it! And loved it. But I’d forgotten about that technique, so thanks for the reminder!

      My parents made us hold hands when we weren’t getting along…definitely NOT my favorite thing to do as a kid!

  5. Hi, I found your blog while researching “oxiclean allergic reaction” tonight and it took me to an entry from 2009. I read that one (I think M is having one) and your most recent entries and decided to follow. I’m also a Christian mom staying at home in MN raising twin two year old boys with another baby on the way. I like your blog because it gives me a picture of what my house is going to look like in the future (still messy)! In the event you want to relive toddlerhood (unlikely), come visit our blog! Kim

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