Miscellany and Questions

I tend to get this way before big events and holidays…have you noticed a pattern around here?

Today, I bring you some random stuff.

1. L-O-V-E this song. My kids do, too, since I’ve played it a ridiculous number of times the past several days.

2. In an upcoming post I’ll be talking about tattoos. So, some questions, just out of curiosity…

3. Today was Jack Henry’s Thanksgiving celebration. Being the 3rd child, I left the camera at home on accident, so all I had was my iPhone..not horrible for taking a picture here and there, but not being able to zoom on the video wasn’t good. Anyway, picture extreme cuteness, with JH smiling at me every time our eyes met. Adorable.

4. This mostaccioli recipe of Sonya’s is delicious. We had it again for dinner tonight and it’s a winner. Make a double batch of the sauce and freeze it in portions to use later.

5. I haven’t recapped the vendor fairs for you, but it’s really easy: two big thumbs down. Vendor fairs definitely aren’t the way to go with what I’m selling. I would only ever consider doing one again if it’s all baby/kids’ stuff. Live and learn, I guess! There’s a sale going on right now at my etsy shop: buy any 3 items get 1 free! Check it out!

6. A friend gave me this book called It’s Not Just Who You Know to read, and it was good. Applicable to everyone. Easy and entertaining to read, as well as informative and thought-provoking.

There were like 16 more things in my head earlier today but, alas, I didn’t write them down, so 6 is all you get.

Good night!

7 responses to “Miscellany and Questions

  1. Such a good song! Sorry the fairs didn’t go well. That stinks. And I had to use my ancient phone to take pics of Blake’s Tgiving feast since I forgot the camera too. They’ll survive.

  2. I answered the tattoo questions. What I have to say about tattoos is, location and size are everything.

  3. so i have to ask if the tattoo questions are because maybe you are thinking about getting one? maybe? maybe not? but interesting fact about me you may not know…i once had a tattoo…and then paid THOUSANDS (yes you read that right) of dollars to have it removed. ahhh the lessons we learn the hard way.

  4. i know tattoos aren’t for everyone but i have one on my back hip (which i even tend to forget that i have b/c i just don’t see it very often) and want another. i just don’t know where.

  5. I love that song and had never heard it before. The video is powerful. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving my friend!

  6. the Jason Gray song rocks. spread it far and wide. I linked to it in a post about doing the right thing even when it costs you… remind me who I am… love it.

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