Hand-Dyed Scarves by Rho

I love stories of young people who are hard workers, passionate about what they do, and who use the gifts they’ve been blessed with to make a success of themselves.

I love it even more when I happen to know the person, so I’m excited to tell you today about Cortney Rhodes, who just happens to be from my little ol’ hometown of Effingham, IL.

Even though she’s a couple *cough cough*, ahem, okay, maybe several years younger than I am, I’ve kept up with Cortney’s whereabouts via her parents and Facebook. After college graduation, she headed to New York where she worked for Amsale Bridal and Ann Taylor Loft, and was hired to work Fashion Week twice. Not bad for a Midwestern girl right out of college, right? šŸ™‚

A few years ago, I started to hear about these silk scarves she’d been making, and I was definitely intrigued when she posted pictures on Facebook of the process by which she created them. Through word of mouth, Facebook, and trunk shows, Cortney started selling her amazing, unique, hand-painted silk scarves.

Just last week, I got one of my very own.

Pardon the bad photography (courtesy of Jack Henry, who took about 17 pictures of me stringing lights, each one worse than the next), but isn't that scarf lovely? It puts my mall scarves to shame, I tell you.

close-up of the design on the scarf


Cortney recently returned to Chicago, primarily so that she could be closer to home and focus her attention on her own label. 2012 will see the launch of rho by Cortney Rhodes with a line of clothing in addition to her beautiful scarves.

Here’s a word from Cortney’s bio:

I create all of the designs for my scarves through hand painting using various techniques. All the work is done in a studio on my family’s 5th generation farm.

Each piece of white silk is treated like a blank canvas on which my ideas and inspiration are expressed. There are absolutely no two pieces alike and any minor imperfections are part of the uniqueness of each item.

Her website is in its infancy, but she’s adding more items as she’s able, and there are lots of scarves available already. PLUS, she’s offering a great discount to people who know her, and said that I could share the discount code with you all! Simply go to her website, choose a scarf, and enter the code TRUNKSHOW at checkout. Orders over $100 receive free shipping, too.

These would make amazing Christmas gifts for the people on your list! Go check out rho!

5 responses to “Hand-Dyed Scarves by Rho

  1. I will just add my own endorsement to Cortney’s talent by mentioning that the dozens of scarves we got a sneak peek of over the wkend were amazing! All of them were unique w/ gorgeous colors & designs, and we had a ball opening them up to see the full effect and to feel their lusciousness! I couldn’t resist buying one for each of my daughters/dil!

  2. They look awesome! I’m so impressed by her work!

  3. these are beautiful and I adore the name of her business RHO. how cool, creative and fitting is that?!

  4. Nicole! I LOVE these scarves! My favorite is Mars!
    What size is yours? I really like that length. I am going to have to find a way to get one under my tree this year!

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