Coming Up for Air.

Before we get started here today…

In the spirit of full disclosure, you should know that I always have my priorities in line, and only blog after I’ve done more important things.

OK, maybe not. That’s my living room. Cute kid playing the Wii. Everyday decor taken off the shelves. Christmas stuff still in bins. Laundry everywhere (not pictured). And it’s been like this for 3 days.

Not exactly what I had in mind for the 3 days Matt was in Vegas this week for work.

On Monday, Jack Henry and I took a trip to Hobby Lobby aka The Promised Land late in the morning for a few small Christmas decorations for the porch. I had a gift card and bought a few large ornaments, and we headed home for what I thought would be a day of me decking the halls.

However, when I checked my email, I realized that I’d had 2 orders on etsy for my advent calendars. Which was exciting…I’d sold a couple of them in the weeks before, but now that it was closer to Advent, I thought, maybe I’d sell a couple more. So I relisted the items, since I had the materials on hand to make more (I hadn’t premade more than 2 because they are time-consuming, and I didn’t want to waste time if they wouldn’t sell). And those 2 sold almost immediately.

At that point, I chose not to relist them, as I already had a lot of work to do to fill the existing orders (and in one day, at that). I hated to not have them listed for several critical hours, but I had no choice: I was parenting on my own, I knew I was going to have to return to Hobby Lobby for supplies, and somewhere in there, my kids were going to need to eat. And I would need to sleep.

I fed them drive-thru food (don’t judge), got home, and got to work. And sold a couple more of them yesterday, and therefore needed to make *another* trip, this time to Michael’s for one elusive piece of scrapbook paper.

It was 1 part fun, 2 parts crazytown. For me, at least…I’m not sure what the boys would say.

I am now fully stocked…there’s still time to get a calendar if you’re wanting one! And next July, you’ll find me at the table in my kitchen making lots of Advent calendars ahead of time.


In other etsy news, Sara is doing a Here’s the Diehl giveaway on her Less Ordinary Designs Facebook page! It’s really easy to enter to win THREE headbands of your choice!
1. Go to Here’s the Diehl and choose 3 headbands you like.
2. Go to Less Ordinary Designs’ entry page (you’ll need to like the page before you can enter – but you should have already “Liked” them anyway 🙂
3. That’s it! Share with friends!


I’m kicking my Christmas shopping’s butt with my online shopping at places big and small. Trying to even things out a bit for the boys, but buying fewer items. However, that doesn’t exactly mean spending less, because now that they’re older, everything costs more. But I’m getting excited for the things we’ve chosen…I think it’s really going to be a fun Christmas.


Off to decorate, so that when Matt arrives home from Vegas he’ll think I’ve spent the past few days laboring over making our house beautiful for the holidays.


EDITED TO ADD: I just found out that my very talented friend Stephanie has a brand-new etsy shop! Check out TrueVine Treasures!

7 responses to “Coming Up for Air.

  1. I really should finish decorating too :/
    I ended up getting a tiny 2 ft. tree, and just waiting to get a new one until next year, after I move.
    Love hearing that the Advent calendars are selling! 🙂

  2. I had to stop & laugh at ” . . . Hobby Lobby aka The Promised Land . . .”!!! I can relate to your house, and, unfortunately, I have no excuses. Today, 100% for sure (unless the Lord returns), I am going to finish decorating. The tree’s been up & decked since Mon night, but somehow yest my progress only consisted of getting the rest of the decs laid out on the dining room table/chairs. Every once in awhile as I walked by, I grabbed something & placed it where it goes, but I’d say I have 80% yet to do.

  3. love the new header photo. it’s probably been up for eons which shows how far behind I am in reading the blogs I follow. love it anyway. your boys are the cutest, along with mine of course!

  4. If I can’t decorate for the holiday in 1 day, it’s not making it up that year. That’s my motto. (No, my other motto ISN’T Bah-humbug)

    • well, the etsy interruption was worthwhile 🙂 and, it made me completely clean my shelves off and remove things I don’t want anymore. but generally speaking, i hear ya 🙂

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